7 Thoughtful Grandparent Gift Ideas from the Grandkids

It’s always been easy for you to find gifts for your parents, but your kids have recently expressed interest in getting Grandma and Grandpa gifts from themselves. We’ve got some great, thoughtful gift ideas for grandparents from the grandkids this year. 

  • T-shirt: What’s better than a t-shirt for Grandma or Grandpa to wear around the house, while gardening or to a sporting event? T-shirts are a great personalized gift option. We even have some that you can include your kids’ names on to make the gift really personal. You can choose one with a funny or heartfelt saying. Our t-shirts come in so many different colors and designs! personalized grandpa t-shirt
  • Cutting Board: If Grandma and Grandpa are always hosting dinner at their house, get them an engraved cutting board to add to their kitchen! It’s a great way to show that you’re thankful for all the nights they hosted dinner, and the kids can pick out the phrase or words included on the cutting board. 
  • Gardening Seeds: If Grandma and Grandpa spend their days of retirement tending to their backyard garden, have the kids pick out gardening seeds. They can pick different types of flowers and vegetables, plus they can find some new tools for their grandparents. Also, look for some new gardening gloves. They tend to get dirty and worn out easily. You could even have the kids pick out their own tools and gloves so they can join in on the gardening with Grandma and Grandpa!
  • Blankets: You can never have too many blankets lying around. If you’re looking for a unique blanket, we have a variety of personalized photo blankets to choose from! Have the kiddos pick out their favorite pictures with Grandma and Grandpa to put on the blanket. You can even add in some pictures of you with them growing up. They’ll be so excited to have a unique blanket to add to their collection that will bring up good memories from the past! custom photo throw blanket
  • DIY Coupons: You might have seen these floating around, but DIY coupons have been a consistent gifting trend over the past few years. You can theme these DIY coupons around anything. For Grandma and Grandpa, you can focus on cleaning the house, going to the movies or extra snuggles at bedtime. As the parent, you should probably measure and cut the coupons to ensure safe scissor handling, but you should have the kiddos decorate and come up with their own coupon ideas. Use a binder ring or a thick piece of string (like twine) to attach the coupons together. 
  • Photos: Grandma and Grandpa can never have enough photos of them with their grandkids. Find a special, heartwarming picture of your parents with your kids–maybe a picture holding them as newborns or at a Christmas holiday–and place it on a unique personalized photo gift, such as an ornament or even a pillow! Grandma and Grandpa will be so excited to have the memory. If you think Grandma and Grandpa would prefer a more traditional photo gift, we have a variety of photo frames and keepsakes the kids can help you sift through and find the perfect one. personalized photo throw pillow
  • Book of “I-Love-Yous”: If your kids want to go the DIY route with all their gifts for Grandma and Grandpa, a book of “I love yous” is a unique way to go. Have the kids write down all the reasons they love their grandparents–yes, even the weird and funny ones!–and then decorate their list with doodles that represent the things on their list. If your kids aren’t wordsmiths, you can ask them to draw pictures of their favorite things to do with Grandma and Grandpa. Then, put the pictures together by stapling or tying the pages and create a unique DIY gift to give them! They’ll be so touched by the heartfelt gift.

With a little help from Mom and Dad, your kids will be sure to give Grandma and Grandpa the perfect gift this year!

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