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How to Thank Firefighters for Their Public Service

Every May 4, communities everywhere celebrate Firefighter Appreciation Day in honor of the crucial public services provided by firefighters in their lives. However, it’s worth celebrating this valuable job at any point in the year! Firefighting is tough work — and dangerous, too. There’s been lots of evidence that shows firefighters experience higher rates of […]

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What Is a Tailgate Party and What Do You Bring?

Have you ever heard of tailgating before? Popular during football season, tailgating is simply sitting in the back hatch of your car, SUV or truck and eating or socializing. Groups often host tailgate parties before a sporting event, but it’s become a popular method of gathering during the pandemic where people needed to be spaced […]

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How to Decorate an Office Desk: An Ultimate Guide

Whether you’ve gone back to the office, committed to working from home full-time, or just opened a home business, the way your office desk is decorated and laid out will have a serious impact on your productivity. Considering an overwhelming majority of the American workforce indicates they aren’t fully engaged with their work (with some […]

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