10 Fun and Fresh Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home

spring decor ideas

Spring is right around the corner! If you’re anything like us, we love to match our home decor with the current season. Spring means it’s time to break out the pastels and floral patterns. If you’re looking for some fresh spring decor ideas for your home, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are 10 fun and fresh spring decor ideas to bring your home into the season.

Inside the House

Spring is a great time to transform the inside of your home with all new decor. No room is off-limits. From the entryway to the basement, you can incorporate new decor trends everywhere. If you’re operating on a minimal budget this spring, start out small with accent pieces rather than larger furniture items, such as couches or chairs. Sometimes, even a simple paint job to a dresser in the bedroom can make the whole room look fresh and new!

  • Plant Patterns: Traditionally, we decorate with florals for spring. Why not try something different and decorate with greenery? Deck out your living area in shades of green. Balance it with whites or blues, and don’t forget to add some pastel flowers around for accent pops of color. Add a few plants around in neat plant organizers to further show off the “green” theme.
  • Increase the Organization: Spring is the best time to redecorate. One of the goals of spring cleaning is to more purposefully organize your home. Spring is the perfect time to add some cubbies and different organizing tools around the house. Mix and match cloth, wire and wooden baskets around the house to store various items. In the living room, you’ll want to focus on eliminating cords, toys and gaming consoles. In the bedroom, you’ll want to reorganize your shoes and hide away dirty laundry. In the bathroom, focus on eliminating clutter on the counters and store your makeup and tools either under the counter or in a tall organizer. 
  • Plum Accents: This spring, try out adding some darker jewel tones to your decor! The contrast between light and dark symbolizes the transition from winter to spring. If having a lot of dark tones during spring bothers you, definitely incorporate them as accents rather than as focal points. Look for pillows, candle holders, decorative bowls and plates, photo frames or vases as accent decor items. Mix and match patterns with the contrasting tones for an even better effect!
  • Natural Nudes: Incorporate nudes this spring to balance the bright pastel colors and various patterns you’re adding. Wood is a great option, and the natural material works well with the spring theme. You can find a variety of wood decor items, such as platters, decorative bowls, vases, picture frames, storage containers, tables and light stands to use around your home.

colorful curtains for spring

  • Colorful Curtains: One of the easiest ways you can incorporate the spring season into your home decor is by hanging new curtains! You can find curtains in a variety of colors, patterns and lengths. Focus on using them to bring color into your home. Look for some pastels or floral patterns. You can even find some that block out light at night so you and your family can sleep better. Make sure to keep them open during the day to bring in all that natural light! You should also look for a curtain rod that complements your decor theme and rings in the new season. They come in different materials and colors. For spring, a white metal rod with faux crystal would work perfectly. It won’t detract from the pattern on your curtains but instead adds to their luxury.
  • Wonderful Wallpaper: Not in the mood to paint the walls with a fresh, bright coat of paint? Add some wallpaper to spice up your decor! Wallpaper is an easy way to decorate your walls without the hassle of putting down paint tape, selecting the right shade from the home improvement store and patching the walls. If you’ve never put wallpaper on your walls before, definitely check a couple of tutorials prior to DIYing. You don’t want to do it wrong! When looking for the right type of wallpaper, make sure you search for removable wallpaper. If you change decor often, or you’re renting your home right now, removable wallpaper is great so that you don’t damage the original wall when removing it or get charged a fee when you move out.  

Outside the House

During spring, you can’t neglect the outside of your home. With the trees springing fresh leaves and the grass growing greener, you’ll want the outside of your home to match the brightness of the inside! There are tons of things you can do to both your backyard and the front area of your home to make your curb appeal match the season–and make your neighbors jealous, of course!

floral welcome mat for spring

  • Floral Welcome Mat: Ring in spring with a floral welcome mat! You can find a variety of unique spring welcome mats on our site that fits your family’s style. From tulips to roses, we have it all. It’ll brighten up your front door with ease! Having a mat outside your door helps to prevent dirt and bacteria from transferring from people’s shoes to the floors in your home. If you and your family enjoy walking barefoot, you’ll want to have a mat stationed outside any door to your home to minimize tracking dirt in.
  • Blue Patio Set: If spring weather is your thing, you should invest in a new patio set! Look for cushions that match the weather. Blue is a great color that pairs well with most outdoor patio furniture. Find a matching patio umbrella for those slightly warmer spring days, and don’t forget the sunscreen!
  • Floral Flags: For a simple way to spruce up the outdoors at your house, invest in some springtime flags! For the front yard, focus on a bright spring house flag that will hang right next to your front door. If your home has a front porch with columns, use them to hang the flag on! For the backyard, look for a garden flag that you can put in front of a couple of bushes. You can look for one that represents the whole family, or add one that has a bright floral pattern on it!

garden stone for spring

  • A Beautiful Botanical: If you don’t already have one, spring is the best time to start a garden. As soon as the weather gets a bit warmer, get outside! Think about the flowers and plants you want in your garden this year, and look up when the best time to plant them is. No matter what, starting a garden is a must-have to make your backyard fresh and fun for the spring. Add a little extra to your garden by incorporating a variety of garden decor, such as colorful windmills, unique personalized garden stones and battery-operated lanterns. You’ll never want to leave your outdoor oasis!

Remember the Spring Holidays

There are many different holidays during spring that you can decorate for. Use them to spice up the decor in your home! Your guests will love that you match your home decor around upcoming holidays. Make your home magazine-worthy with some of these spring holiday decor ideas!

  • St. Patrick’s Day: If you’re Irish (or want to pretend you are–it’s okay, we won’t tell!), you should definitely decorate your home for that holiday! You can add Irish touches all around your home to get everyone in the St. Patrick’s Day mood. personalized irish plaid doormat
    • Welcome Mat: Find your freshest green, orange and white mat to place outside your door. Bonus points if you can find one that says “Failte” (you know, Gaelic for “Welcome”)! If you can’t find one in the shades of the Irish flag, a simple green welcome mat will do.
    • Porch Flag: Take it a step further with an Irish porch flag! Look for one that is either in the colors of the Irish flag, or one that has a message in Irish on it. Your guests will love how invested you get with decorating for the holiday! 
    • Accents: Looking for a fun DIY project that will subtly show off your love for the Irish holiday? Try out painting glass vases! You can find the glass vases from the dollar store and make sure to pick up some green, orange and white acrylic paint. You’ll also want to pick up a sealer so that the paint doesn’t chip or wear over time. Set the vases up either on your mantel, coffee table or bar to show off your Irish spirit!
    • Drinkware: Show off your authentic Irish whiskey in style! Create a home wet bar by placing a tray with an engraved decanter and matching glasses on your coffee table or the top of your small bookshelf. Bonus points if you have it monogrammed to show off your Irish last name!
    • Table Setting: Don’t neglect your table during St. Patrick’s Day! Use it as a way to show off your decorating skills for the holiday. Get different size plates in various colors of the Irish flag, or find a table runner that is festive for the holiday! Add a little something extra by finding some four-leaf clover salt-and-pepper shakers.  decor for easter
  • Easter: Easter is one of the biggest spring holidays. A holiday with cultural and religious significance, there are many different ways your home can match your Easter spirit!
    • Outside: One of the largest parts of Easter includes hunting for eggs and bunny nests. Create some fun kid-friendly Easter scenes in your own yard! You’ll be the envy of all the neighbors with some cute baskets or artificial nests with colorful eggs laid inside. Don’t forget to add some Easter yard signs welcoming people to your home or a few garden stones to lie around the bushes that border your home.
    • Dining Room: Use egg-shaped salt-and-pepper shakers, some blush, green or mustard colored glassware and create an Easter nest centerpiece to add something extra to your elegant Easter home decor this year. Scatter some chocolate treats along the center of your table for guests to take with them after they leave from Easter dinner. 
    • Bedroom: Your bedrooms don’t have to miss out on the Easter fun! You can create some DIY Easter canvas art by painting a bunny tail or some Easter eggs and hanging them up on the walls. You could also find a vintage iron birdcage from your local antique store, paint it a pastel color that complements the color scheme in your bedroom, place some colored eggs inside with a nest and put the unique decor piece on your dresser, window sill or bedside table! 
    • Kitchen: Turn your kitchen into an Easter retreat this year! If you’re the host of Easter dinner this time around, you’ll be spending the majority of your day in the kitchen prepping and preparing, so make sure your kitchen feels festive, too. Place some Easter decor signs on the counters or hang them on the front of tall cabinet doors and add a few Easter-themed dish towels around the counters to use while you’re cooking or washing dishes throughout the day.
    • Living Room: Show off your devotion to Easter by adding some decorative Easter-themed throw pillows to your couch and chairs in your living room! Add some Easter wall signs and fresh springtime flowers, such as tulips in a bright white vase, to emphasize the Easter theme throughout your living room. Balance all the brightness with some dark wood furniture and your home will be Easter magazine spread-worthy!

Spring means new–so make your home feel newer and more inviting by adding a few simple decor items in different areas. Focus on incorporating pastels, florals and greenery in innovative and fun ways. You’ll turn your home into a spring oasis with just a few easy decor additions!

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