10 Gifts for People Who Work from Home

As we start a new year, it looks like WFH (work from home) is here to stay. Many companies are continuing the WFH trend, keeping a majority of their employees in remote status for the future. Working from home is now a regular lifestyle for a large portion of working Americans. So what do you get your friends and family who sit at their home office desk every day? Here are some of our favorite gifts to give people who work from home!

A Coffee Mug:

Coffee mugs are essential for anyone who’s working from home. Instead of having to share the coffee pot with all their coworkers, they can have as many cups as they want with their own single-cup machine or their large traditional pot. Either way, having a few personalized coffee mugs to add to their stash won’t hurt!Personalized Belongs To coffee mug

A Potted Plant:

Give their desks a bit of sprucing up with a potted plant! Succulents are perfect desk plants because they require little water and love natural light. It’s a cute, minimal way to add something extra to their workspace. If they don’t have a green thumb at all, a nice silk plant will do the trick! You could even go bold with a nice bouquet of bright silk flowers. They’re always in season–and they never die!

A Lumbar Pillow:

Sitting for hours on end can seriously harm your back, so having the proper support is crucial. Give them a sturdy lumbar pillow to lean against in their desk chair to keep them feeling good during their work hours. If possible, go for a matching seat cushion that will make their desk chair feel like it was specially delivered to them from the clouds above.

A Keyboard Cover:

Working from home means they’re probably eating and drinking at their desk more often, too. A keyboard cover is perfect because it’ll keep their computer nice and safe from any spills or flyaway crumbs that happen to get onto their keys. You can find many in different colors and patterns, so there’s one for everyone in your life!

Cable Knit Sherpa Blanket

A Cozy Blanket:

Even if they’re working at their home office, sometimes it can get a little cold, especially if they’re right by a window during the winter months. A soft personalized blanket is a great gift to give! They can lay it over their lap while they sit at their desk, wrap it around their shoulders while they work or they can curl into it after a long day of virtual meetings and project management sessions. 

A Water Bottle:

Staying hydrated is important when working from home. They might get so wrapped up in all their virtual training events and meetings that they forget to get up and grab a glass of water! Some water bottles even have timers on them, helping you to keep track of when to refill and how much you should drink by specific times.

A Candle:

Not every home office smells great–especially if you’ve had to set yours up in odd places (looking at you, hall closet). A small candle or two with calming scents such as lavender or chamomile is perfect for anyone who’s working from home. It’ll give their space a great aroma, and it’ll keep them calm and relaxed throughout their busy workday.

Monogram Calendar Mousepad

A Mousepad:

To keep their computer mouse working pristinely, get them a mousepad! You can have one personalized with their initials or a photo, plus there are tons that have yearly calendars printed on them. It’s perfect for anyone working from home in their home office with a desk!

A Cookbook:

Working from home means having access to their full kitchen! If they’re trying to keep to a similar routine like they did in the office, then they might still be meal prepping each week. Also one of the best quarantine gifts, a cookbook is perfect for anyone working from home because they can use their lunch break to try out new recipes or plan out meals for the upcoming work week!

A Set of Sticky Notes:

No matter their WFH profession, sticky notes are perfect! Whether they use them for reminders about due dates, planning out projects or even to keep track of their logins to important websites, sticky notes are great to give as gifts. You can find them in different patterns and sizes, too, so feel free to get a variety!

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