10 Gift Ideas for Your Brother

Your brother’s gifts deserve to be as perfect as he is. Even if he’s a little rough around the edges, he’ll be so thankful for any gift you give him. It can be tough to find the perfect gift for him, so we’ve put together some of our favorite gift ideas for your brother!

Engraved Craft Beer Brewing Co. Glass

Drinkware: Whatever his favorite drink is, we’ve got the glass for him. Our personalized beer mugs will make your gift stand out among the rest. Have it engraved with a funny phrase or his initials for a truly special gift. 

A Smart Thermostat: Smart thermostats are perfect for anyone who loves tech. If your brother is all about upgrading to the latest and greatest home gadgets, a smart thermostat is perfect! Using an app, most smart thermostats can be programmed to match up with your GPS to start cooling or heating your home to the perfect temperature before you arrive. Some are so advanced that you can play music, control the lights and lock the doors! It’s a great option for him for sure. 

A Lego Set: No matter what anyone says, you never outgrow Legos. Let him enjoy this blast from the past or bask in the nostalgia of childhood with a new Lego set. If you’re really feeling nostalgic, why not dig out the Legos from Mom and Dad’s attic and recreate the infamous pirate ship or something from Paradisa? Throw on a classic movie while you’re at it for a truly retro experience. 

An Engraved Knife: If your brother loves to hunt or fish, an engraved knife is a great gift idea! We’ve got a variety of hunting gifts for him that he’s sure to love. He can take an engraved knife with him on hunting excursions, or just keep on his person as a safety measure. Either way, with a smooth wooden handle and his name engraved, he’ll be so thankful for it!

An Apron: If he loves to cook, why not get him a personalized apron? Include a funny phrase, his name or the names of his kids on it to make it a unique gift. It’ll keep his clothes fresh and clean while he cooks! Add a matching set of potholders or dish towels for a special touch. 

personalized chef apron with name

A Grill Platter: A grill platter is great for any brothers who love to grill! If he’s taken over Dad’s title of grillmaster at family events these days, he’ll need something to put his freshly cooked steaks and veggies on. A grill platter is the perfect gift for any guy who spends his evenings at the grill. 

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An Engraved Watch Box: A man needs a place to put his watches! Give your brother an engraved watch box that he can use to store his watches. They’ll keep his watches free from dust and scratches, all while looking great on his dresser or closet shelf! Personalize it with his initials or even his birthday for a unique twist. 

A Wireless Charging Mat: If your brother loves his smartphone, then he might appreciate a unique way to charge it each day. That’s where a wireless charging mat comes in! Get it personalized with his name or initials.engraved wireless phone charging mat

An Engraved Photo Frame: Memorialize all your fun trips together by getting your brother an engraved photo frame! Send him the message that he’s your favorite brother with a unique photo frame and a picture of the two of you in it. Add a sweet card with a funny message about the photo you placed in the frame. He’ll love it!

A Gift Card: A gift card is always a great option to give your brother, especially if he has a busy schedule. Whether he’s always at work or at school, a gift card is a gift that he can use when he has a chance. Choose his favorite restaurant or store, and don’t forget a card to go with it!

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