How to Accessorize a Kitchen Counter Like a Pro

Let’s face it — your kitchen counters probably need some TLC. And we don’t mean replacing them or filling in cracks. We’re talking about their design! There are so many ways you can accessorize your kitchen counters to make them stand out. Whether you add a set of personalized kitchen towels or you incorporate some of the current artwork in your home, here are some of the best ways you can accessorize your kitchen counter designs like the pros!

bright kitchen

Choose Accent Colors

While neutral kitchens continue to be a popular choice among homeowners, you can accessorize your kitchen countertops by choosing a bold accent color. Whether you pick the Pantone color of the year, or you choose your favorite color or even a bold shade to match the season, accent colors are a great way to accessorize your kitchen counters. 

Show Off Your Snacks

Hidden pantries are a thing of the past. With many homeowners opting for open shelving or forgoing a pantry to increase their kitchen size, finding cute ways to show off your snacks is just one way you can accessorize your kitchen. Clear containers, glass jars and even vintage containers are all things you can put on your kitchen counters to organize your snacks and dried foods. It’ll make planning meals and lunches much easier in the mornings, especially when the kids are running late. 

Prop Up a Wooden Sign

Wooden signs are a great way to decorate and accessorize your kitchen counter! Prop them up against your backsplash and switch them out during each of the seasons or holidays. A personalized wall sign is a fun addition to any kitchen counter. Whether you’re showcasing a monogram, your anniversary or even your favorite sports team, a custom wooden sign creates a focal point in your kitchen and is also a great way to add some accent colors into your space. 

light wood kitchen island

Use a Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are small round turntables used often for spices or serving food. But, you can use them on your kitchen counters to spruce them up! A small Lazy Susan on your island or peninsula counter is great to store fresh flowers, commonly used spices like salt and pepper or even a couple of cookbooks. The possibilities are endless! Try to find one that complements your kitchen counters but doesn’t blend in. Marble and stained wood are both common options for Lazy Susans. 

Get Vintage with Copper

Copper is a great color and material to decorate your kitchen with. Visit your local antique or thrift store to score some copper finds, like a fruit bowl, a tea kettle or even some serving platters. You can place these on your counters or stovetop to add a splash of color and dimension, especially if you’ve designed your kitchen in stark whites or pale neutrals. The copper will add some texture and you can maintain it easily by wiping it down with a damp cloth. Even though copper doesn’t rust, it can corrode. If you’re using your copper kitchen counter decor, then you’ll want to use an acid to remove the greenish-blue film that can appear on copper. Lemon juice, vinegar and even ketchup are great acids to use when cleaning copper. 

coffee maker on kitchen counter

Create a Coffee Bar

One of the things you can do is use one of your counters to create a coffee bar! This way, your counter will look decorated but will also be functional. Plug in your coffee machine and get a couple of fun organizers for disposable coffee grounds, a decorative airtight storage jar for loose grounds and some items for mix-ins. Stirrers, sugar and even spices are all a great option for your new coffee bar. When you’re expecting guests, you can lay out your collection of fun and unique coffee mugs

Lay Out Something Fresh

Sometimes, all a kitchen needs is something fresh to liven up the space. Place a bowl of fresh fruit or a vase of fresh flowers on your counter to spruce up your kitchen counters or make it slightly more colorful. If you like to garden, showcasing the herbs from your herb garden can also be a good way to make your kitchen a little more lively. Plus, who doesn’t love to tell people the flowers are from their own garden when they’re asked about it?

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