4 First Communion Gift Ideas

Even if you’re not familiar with First Communion or Catholic traditions, you might find yourself invited to a First Communion for a friend or family member’s child. If that’s the case, you’re probably wondering about the rules or requirements for gifts. Even if you don’t know where to start, we have some tips and tricks for knocking First Communion out of the park. 

First Communion Basics

Before you can even consider a gift for First Communion, you should understand the basics of the event. 

  • A Rite of Passage: First Communion is considered the time a child becomes ready to take their relationship with God to a more personal level. For many children, this becomes the first time they can accept communion with the adults, and they participate in communion during Mass from then on.
  • Not Just for Catholics: Some Protestant churches, such as the Episcopalian denomination, also participate in First Communion.
  • Child Dedication vs. First Communion: Child Dedications typically involve a welcoming of the child into the church and serve as the parents’ commitments to raise their child(ren) in the church, whereas First Communion comes later.
  • First Communion vs. Baptism: Baptism is a public declaration of living for Jesus, where an individual is asked to accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God and is then briefly bathed in Holy Water to signify a new life in Christ. In the Catholic Church, First Communion comes after Baptism because children born to Catholic parents are typically baptized at infancy.

First Communion occurs during Mass, when the priest calls for children to receive their Communion. However, during the Communion when all worshippers are called to receive Communion, it is important to note that non-Catholics should stay seated. 

First Communion Gifts

While you are not obligated to bring a gift, we recommend you do. First Communion is an important milestone in a Catholic child’s life which is typically followed by a celebration amongst family and friends. Try to find personalized Communion gifts to show that you recognize the importance of the event to that child individually. 

  • Jewelry: Many people give jewelry to girls in celebration of their First Communion. You can look for birthstone-specific bracelets, hand-stamped necklaces or even a jewelry box. You should include the First Communion date on the piece of jewelry–and don’t forget a handwritten congratulations note to go with it! personalized first communion necklace
  • Rosary: If you’re looking for a unique First Communion gift, a rosary is a great option. This will show the child you’ve purchased it for that you understand the importance of their faith and want them to have a religiously significant item to use in their deeper journey with God. 
  • Engraved Cross: Crosses are equally religiously significant in the Catholic faith, as they signify Jesus’ sacrifice for all mankind. We have a variety of cross items, including engraved decorative acrylic blocks and ornaments. These keepsakes are great personalized Christian gifts to parents of children who have just participated in First Communion.
  • Picture Frames: Picture frames work well for families who always have a photo to mark important occasions. Chances are, there were lots of pictures taken outside the church after First Communion, so gifting a picture frame is a great way for the child who just received First Communion to memorialize the occasion. Looking for something different but still want to include pictures? We have a great selection of unique personalized photo blankets to choose from. personalized first communion picture frame

First Communion is a very important part of a Catholic child’s life, so finding the perfect gift is a must. If you’re unsure what to get the child for his or her First Communion, don’t hesitate to talk with their parents! Above all, be thankful that you were asked to participate in such a joyous occasion!

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