9 Fun Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

If you’re the type of parent who’s looking for something a little different to do for your kids for Easter this year, we’ve got you covered. Here are nine Easter gift ideas for kids that they’ll have fun with even after the holiday is over.

  • Coloring Books: Coloring books are fun for kids of all ages. Coloring books come with a variety of patterns, quizzes and images to color in. No matter the age, the kids will love the chance to de-stress and get creative with their crayons. In fact, try and find a set of pastel crayons to go with it. That way, their colorings emulate spring all through the pages! Don’t forget to make space on the fridge to hang up the colored pages. 
  • Homemade Sweets: Nothing makes a kid happier than home-baked goods! Add some Easter-egg sugar cookies, some Bunny brownies and a few chocolates to a container or goodie bag. The kids will be so excited! Want to take it a step further? Make the sweets together! Let the kiddos pick out the frosting colors and mix the ingredients together.
  • Innovative Easter Basket: You can still incorporate some traditional Easter gift elements this year, especially when it comes to Easter baskets. Find one made from recycled materials or even a metal wire basket. You can even get each child a personalized Easter basket to reuse each year! Not only will you save some money to put toward Easter gifts in the future, but each child will know exactly which basket is theirs.

embroidered chick easter basket

  • Gardening Supplies: Since Easter is smack in the middle of spring, get the kids a gardening kit! You can also go out and find some plant seeds to use and start a garden on Easter. If you can’t find a pre-made kit, you can visit your local gardening center and compile some tools from there. Worried about kid-friendly tools? Chat with an employee at the gardening center. Chances are, they have some in stock or in the back. They might even have some ideas for gardening projects you can do with the kids, too!
  • Outdoor Toys: Encourage your kids to get out and get active by gifting them some outdoor toys for Easter! Frisbees, jump ropes and maybe even a drone will add something extra to their Easter baskets this year. They’ll spend the rest of the day outside using their new toys. You might have a hard time bringing them in for dinner!
  • Stuffed Animal: One of the most classic Easter gifts for kids is a stuffed animal. If they don’t currently have a favorite animal, there’s no harm in playing it safe and finding them a snuggly bunny, dog or cat. In fact, you can even find them a personalized Easter bunny to add to the fun! The kids will be so happy to have a new stuffed animal to cuddle with when they go to sleep Easter night! personalized easter bunny
  • Board Games: Board games are a great way to get the family to spend time together while teaching the kids new skills. Try and find some Easter variations of traditional games. Get the family together after dinner and spend the evening trying them out! 
  • Easter Books: Around Easter, many bookstores start to carry popular children’s books that are Easter-themed. Go on your own Easter hunt for Easter-themed books featuring their favorite characters! Bookstores typically have sections dedicated to the upcoming holiday, so start your search there.
  • Onesies: The babies don’t have to be left out of the Easter fun! If it’s baby’s first Easter or you’re getting a gift for a family member or friend’s baby, look for an Easter-themed onesie. You can find a variety with Easter-themed phrases printed on them or personalized ones with their name. Growing babies never have enough clothes! Want to include the older kids in the Easter apparel? Look for a personalized Easter t-shirt or sweatshirt to gift them. 

my first easter onesie and bib


Don’t forget to hide the kids’ gifts on Easter morning! They will have so much fun hunting for their gifts throughout the house. If you’re feeling adventurous, create some clues or riddles to make things more interesting for them, especially if you’ve got teenagers or young adults.

Baskets, chocolates and toys aren’t the only things you have to get the kids this Easter. Look for items that represent them–and remember: No matter what, the kids will be excited to get some new gifts to play with!

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