Modern Christmas Stockings to Fall in Love With

In another post, we looked at some of our favorite Christmas stockings that have a more classic style. Now let’s turn to some of our favorite modern Christmas stockings! If you’ve got a boring stocking that you’ve been dutifully hanging up for the last several years, see if you can spot a suitable replacement here. We hope you’re as excited about these designs as we are!

Our Favorite Modern Christmas Stockings

Grey Fleece Stocking

Personalized Grey Fleece Christmas Stocking

The sparse color palette combined with the character designs gives this stocking a modern feel. Select between Santa, a reindeer, or a snowman. Tough choice, no doubt!


Sequin Mermaid Stocking

Personalized Reversible Sequin Mermaid Stocking

These stockings will catch your eye the moment you walk into the room. With sparkly sequins and a mermaid tail at the end, your little girl will be excited to hang this on the mantle for years to come. Choose between a blue, purple, or pink stocking as well as many thread colors for the personalization.


Personalized Plaid Stocking

Personalized Plaid Christmas Stocking

This plaid stocking takes on a more modern feel thanks to its penguin, reindeer, and Santa designs. Don’t forget to choose the thread color and font type for your name when it goes on the white cuff of this stocking.


Plaid Scarf Stocking

Personalized Plaid Scarf Christmas Stocking

Keep Santa, his reindeer, and the snowman warm this winter with this stocking’s plaid scarf design. These adorable stockings should be in fashion for many years to come.


Red Plaid Stocking

Red Plaid Personalized Christmas Stocking

This stocking takes on a more current style thanks to its lighter color and the white personalization slanting along the side of the stocking rather than across the cuff.


Holiday Word-Art Stocking

Holiday Word-Art Stocking

Load this stocking up with fun thanks to our unique word-art design. Use the customization tools at your fingertips to make this stocking perfect for you, with symbols of your choice, words to populate the stocking, the angle at which these words rest, and more!


Stripe Christmas Stocking

Personalized Stripe Christmas Stocking

The dangled legs of Santa, a snowman, and a reindeer are the delightfully novel feature of this stocking. The cuff features alternating stripes of red, green, and white.


photo christmas stocking

Photo Stocking with Red Cuff

With a lovely photo, you can add a degree of charm and uniqueness to your mantel this holiday season. Upload your favorite photo of the recipient or the whole family, and you’ll have a special stocking that’s sure to impress when guests are over.


sequin santa stocking

Red Sequin Santa Stocking

Who said Santa can’t be glamorous? This bright and shiny stocking is sure to shine, with red sequins and a rhinestone belt to lend it an eye-catching touch. You can also personalize the white cuff at the top for a stocking you’ll be glad to display year after year.

We love these modern Christmas stockings, but we’ve got many more additions to our site that you’ll want to check out! Browse our top new items here.

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