9 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

Your husband deserves a great Christmas gift this year. He gives you such love and support, so it’s important you show him just how much you care! A sweet, personalized gift is perfect for him because it adds a unique touch to anything you give. We’ve put together a list of perfect gifts to give him this Christmas that he’s sure to love!

engraved mr. and mrs. luggage tags

A Leather Keychain: Simple and subtle is the name of the game when it comes to getting a gift for your husband. He probably doesn’t want anything that’s flashy or bright, so a leather keychain with his initials on it will do the trick! With the natural colors of the leather, it’s the perfect engraved gift to give your husband.

A Portrait of Your Pet: Whether he’s a cat man or a dog guy, he’ll love a painted portrait of your furry friend for Christmas! This is especially if your pet has recently passed away and it’s his first Christmas without them. A sweet pet portrait can be a great way to memorialize them! Make sure you purchase a decorative frame to place it in. It’ll elevate the portrait–and then he can just hang it on the wall right after he opens it!

A Smartwatch: Your husband may or may not be a techie. Regardless, a smartwatch can really add something to his life. Whether he uses it to remind him of important things (i.e., your anniversary!) or to track his fitness, a smartwatch can do a lot and make his life a little easier. He can store pictures of the kids right there on his watch, easily accessible with a flick of his wrist. Appointments, phone calls and daily exercise routines become just a touch away! 

Embroidered Red and Black Plaid Christmas Stocking

A Shaving Subscription: He deserves a quality shave, so subscribe him to a luxury shaving service! They’ll send him a set of shaving cream, aftershave and razors to use each month. They also might include some other skincare items, depending on the service. Fill one of our personalized stockings with his new kit, plus some of his favorite sweet holiday treats, for a special gift. 

A Pair of Sturdy Gloves: If you live in a cooler climate that can see its fair share of blizzards, your husband needs a pair of quality gloves! You’ll want to find a pair that will mold to his hands and keep them warm and dry while he’s out clearing the driveway or picking ice off your car. A good pair of gloves are also great for any time he does outdoor housework or DIY projects. He’ll be so thankful you wanted to ensure that his hands stay warm!

A Reusable Camper Mug: Make sure he’s got something he can take with him to drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate from while at a campsite by getting him a reusable camper mug! Find one with a removable lid so nothing spills out as he walks through uneven terrain. You can also have it personalized with his initials or name to make it extra special.

Engraved Initials Rawhide Leather Travel Mug

A Smartphone Sanitizer: If he’s always on his phone, then he needs to have a way to clean it every day! A phone sanitizer is great because it uses UV light to remove any germs and bacteria from the phone’s surface. He’ll love that you have given him something that will help keep him happy and healthy. Many of them are also portable, so he can take it with him while he’s traveling through airports, train stations or while he’s driving. 

A Journal: If he likes to write, or he’s reflective in nature, a journal is a great Christmas gift! Find one with a combination of lines and dots so he can write and draw to his heart’s content. He can take it with him to write down to-do lists, appointments and notes from meetings. A journal can be so many different things, and he can use it in so many ways! Who knows? He might even use it to write you some love letters!

An Ornament: Whether it’s one representing his favorite sport or one that marks your anniversary, our vast selection of personalized Christmas ornaments is perfect for your husband. Even if he’s not the sentimental type, a sweet ornament from you can commemorate different milestones in your relationship. He can hang it on the tree every year with a smile on his face!

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