Vintage-Style Christmas Stockings Popular This Holiday Season

Christmas stockings are an absolutely essential component of a home’s indoor Christmas decor, but there are so many types of stockings to choose from. Though stockings aren’t especially expensive, they still tend to be relatively long-term investments. Depending on each family’s decorative style and personal preferences, the stockings they hang on the mantel each year will vary. One thing we know is that many people like stockings with a more classic appearance that references an earlier time. Here are some of our favorite vintage-style stockings!

Our Top Vintage-Style Christmas Stockings

Buffalo Check Stocking

Personalized Buffalo Check Christmas Stocking

These buffalo check stockings have such a distinctly classic appearance. Pick between red and black or black and white and then select your favorite thread color and font type before personalizing it.


Plaid Burlap Stocking

Personalized Plaid Burlap Christmas Stocking

This plaid burlap design has a rustic feel but switches things up with the appearance of the character icons. Choose from Santa, a snowman, or a reindeer, or go with all three if it’s too tough of a choice to make! Choose the thread color and font style, but don’t forget to personalize it with your name too.


Cable Knit Stocking

Embroidered Vintage Cable Knit Stocking

These cable knit stockings practically epitomize the cozy feeling you want to have during the holidays. We can’t even choose which is our favorite color out of the red, green, or cream stockings. Which one do you like the most?


Scandinavian Snowflake Stocking

Personalized Scandinavian Snowflake Stocking

This Scandinavian-style stocking is eye-catching, with an alternating snowflake pattern. Make it your own by customizing your initial to go in the middle of the stocking.


Red Truck Stocking

Personalized Red Christmas Truck Stocking

This stocking immediately recalls a simpler time with the imagery of a vintage pickup truck hauling a Christmas tree. Keeping the design elements to a minimum is very effective with this piece. Customize it with both your name and initial.


peace burlap stocking

Burlap Peace Stocking

The Christmas season is, after all, hailed as the season of “peace on earth,” so it makes sense to convey that message with your Christmas decor. This burlap stocking features a basic and unique design, while allowing space at the top for your free personalization.

We hope you love these new vintage-style Christmas stockings that harken back to an earlier era! While you’re here, why not take a look at our selection of personalized Christmas stockings?

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