Unforgettable Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

Let’s face it, gentlemen–most of you have slipped up at one point or another when it comes to Christmas gift shopping for your wife. Yes, you love your wife and will do anything for her, but there are times you just…forget to get her a gift for Christmas! You’ve put up decorations, posed for holiday Christmas card photos and you’ve helped her wrap the gifts for the kids, but you never went to get her something for the holiday. This year, you’re determined to get her something she won’t forget! Here are our favorite Christmas gifts to give your wife that she will remember for years to come.first christmas as mr. and mrs. wood ornament

An Ornament: A true Christmas classic, your wife will love one of our sweet personalized Christmas ornaments. With so many options to choose from in colors and designs, you can add a custom message onto our ornaments! She’ll place your ornament on the tree every year with a smile on her face. We even have ornaments that you can print one of your favorite family photos on! 

Personalized Coasters: A unique personalized gift, customized coasters are perfect for your wife this Christmas. She can keep her hot chocolate from ruining your wooden side table in style with a set of personalized coasters. Monogram them with your last initial so that anyone in the family can enjoy them, but keep them tucked away for her to use during the holiday season so she always remembers you giving them to her.

A Cozy Blanket: Give her something warm and fuzzy to curl up in during cold winter nights! Our selection of blankets come in many colors, patterns and materials that will keep her warm all through the season. They’re one of our favorite personalized gifts to give! A blanket is great for when she curls up with a book, a glass of wine or with the kids to watch a movie before bed. You can have it personalized with her name, your anniversary date or the birthdates of your children for a sweet, personalized touch!Embroidered Arrows and Heart Wedding Sherpa blanket

Some Fine Jewelry: There’s nothing wrong with giving her some fine, luxury jewelry every now and then! She will be so thankful that you went out of your way to pick out luxury pieces for her. Every woman should have a pair of fine diamond studs, so if you haven’t gotten her any lately, why not do it this Christmas? This is especially if you have a momentous occasion occurring either this year or next year–the birth of a child, your tenth anniversary, etc. For some wives, all these new things can be overwhelming, so getting her a sweet gift to remind her how much you love her is something that she won’t forget. 

Tickets to a Couple’s Cooking Class: Don’t leave her high and dry in the kitchen! Instead, get a couple of tickets to a cooking class you can do together. Not only is it a fun date night, but you both get to learn some new skills that will help you out at home. Who knows? You two might just realize you’re meant to open up a restaurant together! Get a babysitter for the kids and enjoy a night out while you’re at it. Many times, the cooking instructors have you eat what you make, so be sure to wear clothes that you both would wear while out on a date.

A Set of Classic Novels: For those of you with a wife who loves to read, a set of classic novels is a great gift idea! Even if she already has three copies of Pride and Prejudice, she’d love to add another if it was part of a larger set! You can find sets arranged by author, genre or era. We think it’s best to take a look around her pile of books and find some of her favorites–the more she has by one author, the better! As the holidays get closer, more publishers will come out with themed sets, each with a unique cover that goes with the other books in that collection. Embroidered Red and Ivory Bow Christmas StockingPersonalized Stationery: Fill one of our stylish personalized stockings with a fountain pen, an inkwell and some personalized stationery for your artist wife this year. If she’s into calligraphy or hand lettering, then she’ll love this sweet gift. Not only can she use the stocking for years to come, but she can refill the inkwell with different colored inks to use in her fountain pen! There’s just something about using a fountain pen to sign cards that makes a woman feel fancy. 

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