20 One-of-a-Kind Gift Ideas for Grandma

one-of-a-kind gift ideas for grandma

The love between a grandmother and her grandchildren is unlike any other. Not only does she love and nurture you, but she probably also gives you candy when your Mom’s back is turned or takes you on that rollercoaster your Dad said you weren’t old enough to ride yet! It’s important that you show how much you love and appreciate her being there for you with some sweet personalized gifts for your Grandma. We’ve put together a great list of our all-time favorite gifts for Grandma that we know she’s sure to love!

First Things First: Get Her a Card!

Grandmothers love cards–and yours is no exception! Your grandmother will love to open a card from you filled with a sweet message that tells her how much you love her or reminds her of a funny moment the two of you shared. No matter what, when you give a gift, you should always give a card to go along with it. Unsure of what to say to your grandmother? Here are some of our favorite ideas!

  • “Grandma, Thank you so much for being there for me. You’ve been a great inspiration to me for all these years and I hope this gift gives you an idea of how much you mean to me!”
  • “Hey Grandma, Remember when I spilled flour all over the kitchen, but you helped me clean it all up before Mom got home so I wouldn’t get in trouble? Thank you for always being the best, no matter what I did!”
  • “I’m so glad that you’re my Grandma. I don’t know where I’d be today without you and your homemade chocolate chip cookies!”
  • “Grandma, You make life better. Always keep shining your light to everyone around you!”
  • “Mom was right when she said you’re the best. I think so, too!”
  • “You’ve always been there for me, even when I pretended I didn’t want you around. Thank you for always loving me!”
  • “I can’t believe I get to call you my Grandma. You know just what to say, no matter the situation. You truly are the best.
  • “Grandma, I hope to have half as much spunk as you when I’m your age! You definitely give Grandpa and my parents a run for their money, for sure. Hope this gift helps you keep doing that!”
  • “I got this gift because it reminded me of how much I love you. You’re the best, Grandma!”
  • “I cherish our time together. You inspire me in so many ways, Grandma!”
  • “Grandma, I hope you like this gift! I picked it out because I know how much you like to garden.”
  • “Thank you for supporting me and helping me reach my goals! Please enjoy this gift as my thanks to you, Grandma.”

Even if you’re not the best with words, your grandmother will still be so glad to receive a card from you with her gift. It shows her that you took the time to write a note to her as you packaged her gift. grandma hugging granddaughter

Gift Ideas for Grandma

Grandma deserves all the best so, of course, you need to find her the perfect gift! Here are some of our favorite gifts to give your grandmother.

  1. A Personalized T-shirt: Did you know that we have a large selection of personalized t-shirts your grandmother will love to wear? If not, now you do! Our personalized t-shirts have so many different phrases, colors and designs that your grandmother will have one shirt to wear for each day of the month! garden flag for grandma
  2. A Garden Flag: If your grandmother likes to spend her days outdoors in the garden, then she’ll love a personalized garden flag! Pick one that welcomes everyone to her home or reminds everyone about her “rules”–you know, the rules that really just tell everyone to have fun? She’ll love hanging it up at the entrance to her garden. It’ll add something extra to the space, plus it’ll remind her every day about how much she’s loved!
  3. A Blanket: We have so many unique personalized blankets that Grandma will love to curl up in! Whether it’s a collage photo blanket filled with pictures of you or a sherpa throw with her name on it, our selection of blankets will have her feeling appreciated and cared for. She’ll stay warm on even the coldest of nights, thinking about how much her grandchildren love her!
  4. A Roomba: Depending on your grandmother’s age, it might start to get taxing on her to vacuum the whole house. Give her a boost by giving her a Roomba or a different hands-free automatic vacuum cleaner! That way, she can sit back and relax as the machine takes care of the carpet. Some even have the ability to clean hardwood floors so she can avoid mopping, too! engraved cutting board for grandma
  5. An Engraved Cutting Board: If she’s known as the cook of the family, why not get her an engraved cutting board? We have a vast selection filled with different personalization types: monograms, phrases and even states! Whether she hangs it up on her kitchen wall or plates her next meal on it, she’s sure to love it.
  6. A Pair of Walking Shoes: Grandma needs to stay active! Give her a pair of walking shoes or a quality pair of sneakers that she can use to get up and go for a walk around her neighborhood. You can even meet her and walk with her! It’s a great way to keep you both active and strengthen your Grandma-Grandchild bond.
  7. A Custom Watercolor of Her Home: A custom watercolor of her home is a beautiful tribute to all she’s done for the family. As she gets older, it might be difficult for her to continue to live there, especially if the house has stairs. Leaving the space she’s lived a large portion of her life in will be very difficult for her, so having a small token to remember it by can really help her transition from one living space to another. Turning the home into art will really go that extra step in showing her how much you care!
  8. An Ornament: Help Grandma’s tree look nostalgic and sentimental this year by giving her a personalized ornament. She’ll love adding it to her tree, and you can even get a matching one for yourself! Our selection has pretty much anything you can think of. From winter animals to her favorite hobbies, you can find the perfect personalized ornament for Grandma in just a couple of clicks. personalized coffee mug for grandma
  9. A Coffee Mug: Help her get ready to start the day or wind down before bed with a unique personalized mug! Every time she goes to sip from it, she’ll think of you. Even if it’s a simple “World’s Best Grandma” mug, the fact that you took the time to get her something will make her feel warm inside. If you like to create with her, you can also treat her to a pottery painting session and have her pick out her favorite mug! She can then paint however she’d like, and you can also give her the mug you painted.
  10. A Tablet: Whether it’s the latest iPad or a laptop/tablet combo, your grandmother isn’t too old to learn how to use a new device! Make sure it has voice-action capability, where she can ask it to call you or send you a text. She can use it to follow recipes, video chat with friends and watch her favorite shows from her bed! Make sure you give it to her already set up with a few apps installed, plus a case that will keep it safe in case she accidentally drops it!
  11. A Photo Calendar: Get the family together for a professional photo session and turn the photos into a calendar for her! She will love to look at her family when she searches for dates or plans out her weeks. Coordinate everyone’s outfits, choose the backgrounds carefully or have a friend take the photos at a local outdoor venue with the perfect backdrop! 
  12. A Gardening Kit: If she hasn’t started gardening yet, why not give her some encouragement? Give her a gift basket filled with all the gardening essentials: gloves, shears, seeds of different vegetables and flowers, plus a shovel and a bucket! Gardening is such a relaxing activity, and it will give her something fun to do during the day, especially if she’s retired. Plus, she’ll get to use all her freshly grown produce in her kitchen!
  13. A Recipe Box: Grandma’s going to need somewhere to store all the new recipes she’s making with all her fresh produce and herbs! Get her a unique recipe box that’s personalized for her as a way to show her that her hard work in the garden will go a long way. Sure, it might require a lot of patience, but she’ll soon notice how many more things she can cook with her fresh items. 
  14. Birthstone Jewelry: Let Grandma show her grandparent pride with birthstone jewelry! Whether it’s a charm necklace with her grandchildren’s initials stamped on with charms and birthstones or a ring with a birthstone for each of her grandkids, she can wear the pieces whenever she attends a function or just around the house. Since she probably loves talking about all the grandkids, the jewelry pieces will be a great conversation starter!
  15. Canvas Art: Such a versatile gift, canvas art really opens the door to give Grandma the best gift ever! Whether it’s a custom print with all the grandkids’ names on it or a map of the country with states highlighted for each place the grandkids live, canvas art is the perfect gift. She can hang it in her living room, her bedroom, the kitchen or even her bathroom! With canvas art, the options are limitless.  personalized tote bag for grandma
  16. A Tote Bag: If she travels frequently–whether to other states or just to the grandkids’ soccer games–get her a tote bag! She can put all her necessities in it, plus some extras. Find one with pockets so she can better organize her things! If not, then get her some additional small zip-up bags that she can place other items in. Make sure to get it personalized with her initials! She’ll really feel like you took the time to ensure the item was made for her. 
  17. A Bird Feeder: If she wants to add some decoration to her garden, then get her a bird feeder! You can find them in so many different sizes and shapes. All the birds will want to spend hours feeding in your grandmother’s yard! Make sure to stock it with some birdseed so that she doesn’t have to worry about it. 
  18. A PJ Set: Help her relax at the end of a long day by getting her a fun PJ set! Whether it’s a set of premium silk or some casual, warm flannel, a PJ set might just be the thing she needs. Add a pair of cozy slippers and you’ve got the full relaxation set! 
  19. A Spa Set: Keep the relaxation vibe going by getting Grandma a spa set! Include a loofah, some bath salts, a face mask and some body scrub for the full effect. She’ll love getting to relax in a warm bath. Want to go the extra mile? Include a personalized wine glass in the set with a bottle of her favorite wine! It’ll be the perfect addition to a relaxing bubble bath. Paired with a face mask and some great lotion to use after, she’ll feel refreshed!
  20. A Plant: If Grandma doesn’t have a garden or yard, you can get a cute plant for her! Succulents are perfect because they don’t need a lot of water in order to thrive, but orchids, peace lilies and spider plants are also great options. Bring in a cute potted plant and watch as her face lights up!
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