8 Gift Ideas to Help Beach Lovers Enjoy Fun in the Sun

personalized beach gifts

Now that the sun is shining, it’s time to get out and soak it up! What better way to enjoy the warmth and sunshine than going to the beach? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite beach gifts to help make your trips to the beach this summer even more enjoyable. Check them out!

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Dinosaur Beach Towel

Personalized Dinosaur Beach Towel

Dino Word-Art Beach Towel


Your dinosaur-obsessed little guy will love this personalized word-art beach towel. Surprise him by customizing it with his name right alongside the names of all of his favorite prehistoric creatures! This 30″ x 60″ beach towel comes in six different color options.


Embroidered Cooler

Personalized Cooler

Embroidered Bongo Cooler


A long day at the beach is practically impossible without some cold drinks to help you stay refreshed and hydrated. Our personalized bongo cooler offers a great way to bring all the drinks you need with ease. This 12-quart cooler features a water-resistant, removable liner to help keep your drinks cool (or your food warm). The adjustable strap will allow you to comfortably carry everything there and back.


Embroidered Infant Beach Hat

Personalized Infant Beach Hat

Personalized Infant Beach Hat


If you’re bringing your baby or toddler to the beach this summer, you’ll want to make sure they’re properly equipped to withstand the bright sunshine. Fortunately, our personalized beach hat will allow you to accomplish this task in style. The hat comes in pink or blue, and you can also select from numerous thread color options.


Personalized Mesh Bag

Custom Mesh Tote Bag

Personalized Mesh Tote Bag


A proper trip to the beach can require you to bring quite a few things from home. From sunscreen and beach towels to books and snacks, it’s much easier to lug everything in a sturdy bag than try to have everyone in your family juggle a few items. Our personalized mesh bags feature a zippered top and strong handles. Our mesh bags come in pink, blue, yellow, and black!


Mermaid Beach Towel

Custom Mermaid Beach Towel

Personalized Mermaid Beach Towel


Though your little girl’s dream of becoming a mermaid may not pan out, she can at least represent this magical side of herself when she goes to the beach. She’ll love seeing her name on this 30″ x 60″ towel!

Want to check out some more of our personalized beach towels? We’ve added a bunch of new designs this year! Browse our whole collection here.

Personalized Picnic Basket

Personalized Picnic Basket

Personalized Picnic Basket


Lying on a beach towel while munching on some of your favorite snacks is a pretty wonderful way to spend an afternoon. You can make that dream a reality with this spacious, personalized picnic basket.┬áIf you want to pack a bunch of tasty food and bring the family to the beach, this picnic basket is just what you need for a perfect beach picnic. Don’t forget to wait thirty minutes after eating to get back into the water!


Can Wraps

Personalized Can Wraps

Welcome to Our Pool Can Wraps


When you want to enjoy the pleasures of the beach without actually being there, a swimming pool can be a great substitute. Our personalized can coolers will keep your beverage cool as you float around the pool or lie out to work on your tan. You may want to order several so your guests can enjoy them when they come over to swim!


Summer Vacation Picture Frame

Personalized Summer Vacation Picture Frame

Summer Vacation Picture Frame


When summer turns to fall and the long wait till the next summer begins, it’s definitely nice to have ways to easily remember the wonderful times you had. This engraved picture frame offers a great way to commemorate your favorite memories of sunshine and relaxation.

Other Beach Gifts to Consider:

  • Beach-themed art and decor: For your friend or loved one who has a house by the beach, look for a unique piece they can display that drives home their love of the beach.
  • Beach toys: To help them have fun when they’re at the beach, make sure they’re equipped with all the fun gear they could need! Think frisbees, snorkels, and boogie boards.
  • Beach drink holders: it’s ideal to have your cold drink by your side while you’re lazing at the beach, but sometimes it can tricky to find a good spot to keep it while you’re not sipping. Drink holders that can be clamped onto your beach chair or spiked into the ground are super handy!

Other Tips and Ideas to Help You Enjoy Fun in the Sun:

  • Stay hydrated! While you’re having a blast in the sunshine, it’s also important to drink water to avoid getting dehydrated.
  • Protect yourself from the sun: make sure that you’re applying sunblock and reapplying it at least every two hours to avoid damaging your skin. Clothing, like sun hats and long-sleeved shirts, can be helpful in shielding your body from sunburn. Ideally, you’ll want to avoid being out when UV rays are most powerful, typically from about 10 am to 2 pm.
  • Bring some music or a book to enjoy while you relax on the beach. Another fun idea is to bring a football or volleyball to play with. You can go down to the water whenever you need to cool off!
  • Building a sandcastle is a perfect family beach activity! Get everyone involved and see how impressive your sand construction skills are.

Get outside and enjoy the summer before it’s gone! But first, don’t forget to browse our Summer Fun collection for personalized beach gifts and decor that highlight this special time of year.

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