8 Fun Summer Vacation Destinations

Summer is great for so many reasons. Warm weather, baseball, cookouts, the list goes on and on. For many families, it’s also a great time to go on a trip with the kids out of school. But sometimes it can be difficult to determine where to go! There are so many factors to weigh, such as distance, cost, and available activities. We’ve compiled a list of eight highly rated summer vacation destinations in the United States that have lots of fun things to do. We hope you enjoy! Let us know in the comments if you have other great summer vacation destination ideas.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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Though large numbers of travelers eager for the thrill of skiing or snowboarding flock to Colorado’s many renowned mountain resorts, there’s also a lot to do in the summer when all the snow has melted. Lovers of the outdoors will find tons of activities in Steamboat Springs to keep them busy. With an abundance of gorgeous areas to hike, climb, bike, or swim, this small town is seriously equipped for travelers to enjoy a fun but relaxing trip.


Grand Teton National Park


The U.S. boasts 58 national parks, so highlighting just one is difficult, but Grand Teton is a worthy choice. Encompassing over 300,000 acres, this enormous park offers so many ways to spend your time. Whether you’re hoping to view an impressive array of wildlife, go rafting or hiking, or spend hours cruising around in search of the many breathtaking photo opportunities, Grand Teton is well known for its beauty.

Plus, if you have time to fit another incredible national park into your itinerary, Yellowstone is right nearby!


Hilton Head Island, South Carolina


Spending some peaceful days at the beach is the quintessential summer vacation, so we naturally had to include a great beach spot on this list. Though there are so many great locations to choose from, Hilton Head Island is a beloved beach city. With numerous highly rated beaches, you’ll find family-friendly options as well as some more care-free, party-friendly spots.


Wine Country, California


Some people like to have their vacations packed full of exciting adventures, while others like to take the opportunity to get away from the stresses of home life to truly relax and unwind. A trip to Northern California’s wine country is perfect for those who fall into this latter category. You can take a ride aboard the famed Napa Valley Wine Train, go on peaceful hikes, sample the variety of delicious local cuisine, and much more!


Minneapolis, Minnesota


There are many incredible locations around the country that have brutal winters, so residents really try to live it up when summer arrives. Minneapolis fits this bill. Hiking, biking, and kayaking are all big components of a Minneapolis summer for many locals and visitors. There are also lots of impressive parks and museums to see while you’re in town. And don’t forget to try the city’s famed Juicy Lucy burger, featuring cheese that’s cooked inside the burger.


Nashville, Tennessee


With the nickname “Music City,” you can probably imagine what draws many travelers to Nashville. Naturally, the numerous bars on Broadway offering live music are a popular attraction. Country music landmarks like the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium are also must-sees for tours and shows. However, there’s more to Nashville than just the allure of live music. You can also view the art collection inside the full-scale replica of Athens’ famed Parthenon, tour numerous historic homes, and enjoy some of the city’s famed Hot Chicken sandwiches. Country music fans won’t want to miss the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Johnny Cash Museum.


Portland, Maine


Depending on where you live, it could be quite a trek to get to Maine, but many travelers will tell you it’s well worth the trip. Whether you want to swim, hike, whitewater raft, listen to live music, peruse art galleries, or all of the above, Portland is a gorgeous location to do so. You may also want to set some time aside for touring local breweries, as Portland is renowned as one of the U.S.’s best beer cities. 


Boston, Massachusetts


Like Minneapolis, Boston makes up for its harsh winters with lovely summers. With so much history to take in, the city is equipped with numerous tours to make sure you see all the most important sights. If you’d like some beach time, visit one of Boston’s beaches or make the trip to one of the renowned beaches in Cape Cod. Don’t forget to catch a Red Sox game at legendary Fenway Park, the oldest baseball stadium still in use! You can also take a stroll or have a picnic at the historic Boston Commons.

Wherever you decide to travel this summer, we hope you have a wonderful time. To help you enjoy and celebrate this wonderful time of year, you may be interested in browsing our summer fun collection!

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