Know a Woman with Wanderlust? Here are 7 Travel Gifts for Her

A jet-setting lady is the best kind there is—she’s always down to take the long way or try something new and get lost—so why not spoil her with something you know she’ll use? The perfect travel gifts for her are the ones that help her enjoy her travels but won’t get lost in the shuffle, which means that they must be personalized! Here are a few of our fave personalized travel gifts for Wives, Girlfriends, Moms, Sisters, Aunts, and Nieces.

monogram luggage tag

Monogrammed Luggage Tags

1. Luggage Tags with Her Name on Them—Airlines may only lose about six pieces of luggage per 1,000 passengers, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t triple-tag your bags! To avoid any handwriting hiccups, order her some personalized luggage tags that honor her sense of style. Go for a preppy striped style with her initial or monogram or dazzle her with polka dots, animal print or a photo of the two of you. If it shows her big personality and also celebrates her love for travel, it’s a win!

2. An eBook Subscription or Gift Card—As exciting as it is to travel, there’s often ample downtime on the plane, train, or beach. A subscription that keeps her Kindle or NOOK well-stocked is the best way to go because it allows her to read whatever she wants without having to waste precious suitcase space with bulky books or crinkle-prone magazines. Amazon offers Kindle Unlimited for $10 per month, and though Barnes and Noble doesn’t offer an unlimited option for the NOOK, gift cards are available.

3. A Personalized Reusable Water Bottle—Besides the fact that they’re extremely wasteful and environmentally harmful, single-use plastic bottles are just not always practical while traveling. Buying one before security is a no-go because you’ll just have to chug it or pour it out anyway, and buying brand-new bottles isn’t always cost-effective when you need to be well-hydrated. A personalized reusable water bottle will help you respect the planet and save her sanity while she’s on the move.

personalized insulated water bottle

Personalized Insulated Water Bottle

4. A Go-Anywhere Tote Bag—There is no travel-loving lady out there who doesn’t know the value of a good tote bag! Not only will it get plenty of use as a carry-all for day-to-day travel essentials—her eBook, neck pillow, water bottle, etc.—but it also doubles as a beach bag or a reusable grocery bag when she’s shopping. One of our favorite travel hacks is to pack a canvas tote in your luggage so you have an extra carry-on when your bags are overflowing with souvenirs.

5. A Travel-Centric Gift Card—Want to spoil her with a trip on her own terms? The best way to do it is with a gift card for Airbnb or a service like Orbitz, Expedia, or Hotwire. If she’s a budget traveler who thrives on getting the best deal (a huge thrill indeed), then skip the airline gift cards—they’ll only box her into a certain option and won’t cater to her need to find the best possible deal. Instead, surprise her with a premium membership to a service like Scott’s Cheap Flights that will help her log miles for way less.

6. A Personalized Photo Gift—One of the best ways to help her keep her favorite travel memories alive is to give the gift of a personalized picture frame or personalized photo ornaments to showcase her best snapshots. If the two of you have traveled together, consider printing out a pic from your latest trip to put in the frame or leave it blank so she can choose which one she wants to use.

unique photo ornament

Personalized Besties Photo Ornament

7. A Subscription to a Travel Magazine—Nothing spurs wanderlust quite like the glossy pages of glamorous travel mags. Condé Nast Traveler, Travel+ Leisure, Afar, National Geographic—these classic periodicals still provide the best in travel journalism and they’ll definitely help get her wheels spinning on where to head next. With any luck—and with the help of these gifts—you may just get invited on her next jaunt!

Gifts that Celebrate What She Loves

The fact that you’ve already decided to get her a gift that honors one of her favorite things in life means that you’re well on your way to giving a super-thoughtful present that will have her totally gushing. Add in a personalized element or something that makes the taxing parts of traveling a little less stressful and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed home run for her birthday, the holidays, and more!

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