12 Unique Easter Gifts for Grandchildren

Unique Easter Gifts for Grandchildren

Whether it’s babysitting, going to their recitals, or baking them cookies, grandparents love spending time with and giving their love to their grandkids. Now that Easter is approaching, one of these tasks becomes finding a special Easter gift to show how much they care. Since we specialize in personalized gifts, we have some suggestions we can offer. The following is a sampling of some of our most beloved Easter gifts for grandchildren.

Easter Stuffed Animals

Personalized Easter Bunny

Somebunny Loves Me Stuffed Bunny


Show your grandkids how precious they are to you with one of our “Somebunny Loves Me” stuffed bunnies. Choose your grandson or granddaughter’s favorite colors: these bunnies come in green and blue or pink and purple options.


Easter Bunny with Scarf

Personalized Bunny With Scarf


This adorable 9″ plush bunny sports a scarf that will be customized to feature your grandchild’s name. You can choose a brown, gray, or white bunny.


Personalized Easter Baskets

personalized easter bunny basket

These personalized Easter baskets feature floppy-eared bunnies and nice, bold embroidery. They’ll look even better filled with candy and other goodies on Easter!


Personalized Easter Basket for Grandchildren

Chick Easter Basket


Your very own little chick will appreciate this super-cute basket. It’s a practical keepsake they’ll be able to enjoy for many Easters to come!


Personalized Easter Basket for Grandchildren

Lamb Easter Basket


Bunny imagery is all over the place around Easter, so why not switch things up and find a basket featuring another adorable animal? For bonus points, stock it full with the treats that satisfy their sweet tooth!

Easter Apparel for Grandchildren

Easter Shirt for Grandchildren

Eggspert Hunter T-Shirt


For many kids, getting to hunt for eggs is the most fun part of the holiday. Let your grandchildren know that they’re “egg-spert” egg hunters in your eyes.


Easter Shirts for Grandchildren

Cute Chick T-Shirt


A perfect gift for your sassy granddaughter, this shirt comes in seven different colors.


Easter Gift for Infants

Freshly Hatched Bodysuit


Make sure the newest member of the family is decked out in a cute outfit on Easter Sunday! You can personalize this bodysuit with their name, and it’s a great outfit they can wear any other day too.


Easter Keepsakes and Accessories

Personalized Easter Placemats

Easter Placemat


This fun placemat can add a pop of color to the dinner table each spring. It can also serve as a festive surface for the annual egg-coloring fun!


Baby's First Easter Keepsake

Baby’s First Easter Keepsake


Getting to experience the addition of a new baby in the family is truly a blessing. Make sure to take the opportunity to celebrate their birth with our lovely personalized keepsake. Their first Easter is certainly a milestone worth cherishing, and this unique keepsake does the job beautifully. Customize this gift with the new baby’s name and the date of their first Easter Sunday.


Personalized Easter Accessories

Easter Bunny Tote Bag


Make sure your grandkids are equipped with a sturdy (and personalized!) bag they can use to lug all their Easter loot home or fill as they hunt for eggs.


Personalized Easter Bib

Personalized Easter Bib


The newest little one in your family will look adorable wearing this customized bib as they’re the center of attention at their first Easter gathering.


We hope these Easter gifts for grandchildren give you some inspiration to find a special gift for your little bunnies. Plus, we’ve got lots more personalized Easter bunnies than shown here, so be sure to explore the rest of our selection! And if you’re looking for some activities to do with your family while you celebrate, we recommend these fun Easter games!

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