8 Garden Decor Ideas for Your Personal Paradise

garden decor ideas

If your outdoor patio, deck or backyard, doesn’t make you feel like you’re spending time in a green oasis, you should redecorate! We’ve got some great garden decor ideas to turn your outdoor space into a personal paradise. 

Before Decorating

Prior to going shopping for your new garden decor, you should consider a few things:

  • Garden Theme: Do you want your garden to have a theme? You can base it on the current season, your favorite flower or your favorite sports team. In fact, many people dedicate a space to honor a loved one, decorating it with themed memorial garden stones. Having a theme will help your garden appear cohesive, making it more enjoyable for you to spend time in!
  • Garden Size: If you have a small outdoor area, you don’t want to fill it with big pieces. Considering the size of your outdoor area will ensure you don’t spend money on pieces that don’t actually work in your space – the point is to create a paradise!
  • Garden Budget: We understand that not everyone has thousands to spend on creating a garden paradise – but that doesn’t mean you should skimp out! Consider what pieces you want to spend a little extra on, then budget accordingly. 

Shopping for Pieces

After deciding your theme, size and budget for your garden, you can start shopping!

  • Flags: Usable in both your front and back yard, garden flags are great for when you want to change something for different holidays or seasons. If you decide to go more neutral with the rest of your garden decor, garden flags can add a touch of color and sparkle. From unique monogrammed garden flags to patriotic ones, we have a variety of garden flags you can choose! there is no place like home garden flag
  • Wind Chimes: If you’re decorating a deck or patio area, add a wind chime or two! The original purpose of wind chimes was to promote good health, so adding some can bring good vibes to your newly decorated outdoor space. With different chime sizes and materials, such as metal and bamboo, you can choose the perfect set of chimes to harmonize your space.
  • Gnomes & Statues: Gnomes and statues are great for decorating garden areas. Historically, gnomes are thought to be mythical German creatures that were caught by sunlight and turned to stone, which is why the gnome statues depict various activities such as biking, smoking or painting in people’s yards. Many people also place angel statues in their yards to protect their gardens from evil spirits – a perfect option if you’d like your garden to reflect a religious theme. 
  • Glass Lanterns: Blown glass has been used to decorate living spaces for centuries. You can find a variety of blown glass objects, such as lanterns, bulbs or animals to light up your garden. Line them along the walkways, use them as centerpieces or hang them from bare tree branches. Either way, blown glass is a perfect option for decorating your outdoor area.
  • Garden Stones: Garden stones are great additions to outdoor spaces. Place them between growing vegetable plants, trees and flowers to add a special touch to your garden. Consider adding some of our personalized garden stones to your yard near the front door or along the walkways to give visitors something unique to look at on their way to your home.  personalized garden stone
  • Windmills: Not to be confused with wind chimes, windmills serve a decorative purpose (but they can tell you how windy it is outside without needing to open a door). In a variety of colors, sizes and styles, windmills are great for adding something extra to your garden. Consider adding unique windmills, such as ones that mix metals and glass, to your garden for an extra design aesthetic.
  • Rain Gauges: Live in a rainy area? Invest in a rain gauge for your garden! This is perfect for gardeners who are growing vegetables – you want to keep track of how much water your garden is getting so that your plants aren’t over or under watered. Many rain gauges come nestled in decorative stone depicting various animals. 
  • Planters: The planters you grow your plants in don’t have to be boring. Look for unique planter ideas, such as wagons and bird cages. For something extra unique, create your own pallet wall planter! 

Decorating a garden is a great way to welcome in spring. Not only does it get you some of that much-needed Vitamin D, but it also gives you a chance to bring some new items into your outdoor space!

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