Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Here’s the lowdown on this year’s Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts!



Ok, ok.  Stop me if you’ve heard this:


Kid says, “Dad, can you put my shoes on?” 

Dad replies, “No, I don’t think they’ll fit me.”


If this one sounds familiar, you’ve no doubt been exposed to the most nefarious forms of comedy – the Dad Joke.


Dad Jokes.

Number one reason for kids’ eye-rolling and room-leaving.

Dad might have all sorts of valuable skills to share and knowledge to pass along to his kids – after all, who’s the guy to go to when you want to learn how to fish AND how to grill it?

Maybe he showed you how to change a tire or how to choose a lawnmower – but his own special skill – the Dad Joke – is in a class of its own.


“Dad, did you get a hair cut?”  “No, I got them ALL cut.”


But you can’t totally fault Dear-ol-Dad for silly jokes.

His attempts to make you smile, even if they’re a little (or a lot) corny, are one of the ways a father can show he cares.

Dads – of the Father, Step or Grand- variety, do so much for us throughout our lives. How do you properly thank a guy on Father’s Day – just one day of the year – when he’s been there for you since the beginning?


Well – you’re in luck because we just happen to have a great list of Top 10 Father’s Day gift ideas for 2016 to ease your gift-giving anxiety.


It's Official

It’s Official








King Size Ice Cream Serving

King Size Serving.



  • Treats and Sweets aren’t just for kids, Dad is sure to enjoy a personalized ice cream bowl just for him. And you can put any name you want on it – so if he we want be the King of Ice Cream, have at it!






  • Word-Art is such a cool way to
    Names. Photo. Art.

    Names. Photo. Art.

    get all the important names together in one piece that looks great as a greeting card! Add an important photo and Boom. Custom Art.







  • Free Time!

    Free Time!

    Here’s a cute little gift that kids can give Dad year after year – A personalized coupon booklet full of ideas for a little-helper and Daddy-and-me time.







  • Let Me Count the Ways

    Let Me Count the Ways

    And along that same route is this SUPER cute “Why I Love Daddy” book, which gives kids prompts to fill in the blanks of why Dad is the greatest. This one is sure to bring smiles and maybe even a little tear – trust me on this one.







  • Phrase of the Day: "Beer Cap Trap Map"

    Phrase of the Day: “Beer Cap Trap Map”

    Decorate a man-cave or the office of a brewery fanatic with this Beer Cap Trap Map (ha! say that three times fast!). This is a cool new way to display his connoisseurship for breweries big and small.






Gettin' All Up In His Grill

Gettin’ All Up In His Grill

  • This one is great for everyone – the Dad that grills and the family that gets the great food that results! Encourage Dad to fire up the outdoor cooker with this Engraved Wood Grilling Set.







  • High Style Storage

    High Style Storage

    Dad can display some fancy wrist-gear with an Engraved Watch Display Case with space for up to 5 watches. It even comes with a lock and key to be sure there’s no unnecessary dust or finger-prints from admirers in between watch-wearing.





  • No Mistaking These Bottles!

    No Mistaking These Bottles!

    If vintage style is Dad’s style, check out this old-school looking bottle caddy. Whether its a brew or a soda pop, this personalized wood carrier is not only eco friendly but it will protect glass bottles – either from bumping or from those that might want to snag a bottle for themselves!





  • He is a Reel Keeper, after all!

    He is a Reel Keeper, after all!

    If the Dad in your life is also a Grampa, you could consider helping the little ones get together with a gift like the Reel Keeper T-Shirt for Grampa.







We know he may be the guy who has everything he needs, but we can help find some gifts for dad that he may really want. And don’t forget, personalization is free every day at GiftsForYouNow, so you can show what a great kid or spouse you are by adding the extra thoughtful details of his name, initials or image.


“What do you call a fake noodle?”

“An Impasta.”


Show you care for all he does and who he is – Dad Jokes and all, with our 2016 Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts.


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