Top 10 Back To School Gifts and Supplies for 2016

Top 10 Back To School Gifts and Supplies for 2016

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No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – you are seeing back to school stuff in stores and around town already.  It may only be July, but the average first day of the school is no longer after Labor Day – it’s now some time in August each year!


Hopefully you’re well in to your summer to-do list – whether that included a jam-packed agenda full of site seeing, travel and beach days or if your goal was to spend your time relaxing at a slower pace.

Since your kiddos (or even you!) will be hitting the books again in no time, let’s chat about the best school gear and supplies.

Everyone knows that if you like the materials you’re using, you’ll like what you’re doing a little bit more. This is the same for homework! If your student is happy with their school supplies, that’s one more thing off their mind.  Help your school-bound friends and family focus on the important stuff (ahem, that’s learning), knowing all the personalized back to school supplies and gear they need are not only covered, but cool.


Here’s GiftsForYouNow’s Top 10 Picks for Back To School.

  1. colorful Dino Backpack E000257-L for back to school

    Seriously dino-mite.

    Personalized Back Pack. GiftsForYouNow has a whole new collection of adorable and cool gear that are not only super functional but they look terrific!


Princess Backpack back to school E000253-L

For your Princess.







Personalize one of these back to school backpacks with a name of your choice in variety of thread colors and you’re on your way to an organized school year.






  1. Personalized Pencils for school L451913LV12l

    My new favorite pencil.

    Testing research has actually shown that students who use a favorite or “lucky” pencil on a test do better on average, probably because it’s a calming and recall mechanism. Keep your student’s grades up with personalized pencils – engraved with the name of your choice and in a color that they love!





  1. Personalized Pencil Cases U78047L

    Organization Chic.

    You’ll need something to keep those personalized pencils in – check out our pencil cases, customized with your name! Helps a student stay organized, plus protects those sharp pencil tips and ink pens from marking up things they shouldn’t.






  1. School Shark Lunch Box SJ-1016-80 Shark 2-L


    We’ve got lunch totes that keep your student’s mid-day meal in check, and coordinate perfectly with our personalized backpacks too! Not only are they great to look at, but you’ll never have to worry about someone “accidentally” snagging your snack-pak with a clearly embroidered name on your personalized lunch box!





  1. Why settle for a plain colored folder or even one with a generic design when you can have personalized folders to organize all your straight-A homework and papers?

    Personalized kitten illustration folder 11048020-L

    One of a kind










  1. Personalized kitten illustration folder 11048020-L

    Take note. This is mine.

    And you can jot down class and lecture notes in a personalized notebook, too.









  1. personalized water bottle with name U780620L

    No Mistaking.

    Stay hydrated and well focused with a personalized water bottle for an all-day water supply. There will be no mistaking whose bottle is whose (let’s keep school-year colds at bay, shall we?)






  1. kids Owl Nap Mat SJ-7701-76A Owl-L

    Whoooo’s Nap Mat is this?

    kindergarten personalized shark nap mat SJ-7701-80 Shark-L

    Post-Lunch Napping.

    Ohhhhh, naps. Kids fight them and adults beg for them. Encourage your littlest students to take their much-needed rest with a clever personalized nap-mat, coordinated with their other personalized back to school gear.














  1. personalized first day of school picture frame facts 478056Gl

    Kid Facts.

    The first day of school is a big day – don’t forget to take a picture of your little scholars as they head off for first day of a new grade. Then frame it in this super personalized first day of school picture frame!







  1. personalized teacher christmas ornament 835983L

    Holiday for Teacher!

    Think ahead to another fast approaching event – the holidays! And pick up a personalized Christmas ornament for your favorite teacher – here’s a good option!








Who said being an over-achiever is a bad thing? Show you mean business this school year with the newest and best personalized back to school gifts and school supplies for the whole family from

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