10 Long-Distance Relationship Gifts

Being in a long-distance relationship is tough. You’re potentially balancing different time zones, Skype calls and hectic lifestyles. Maybe your loved one serves in the military and is in a part of the world that doesn’t get very good internet reception. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s important to send each other small gifts that remind each of you of your commitment to one other. Here are some great long-distance relationship gift ideas to send your significant other to show you are thinking about them.

A Photo 

Pictures really are worth a thousand words. Send your sweetheart a photo of the two of you in one of our many photo gifts. You can turn a picture of the two of you into a keychain, wall canvas or even an ornament! We have a variety of options to choose from. Your loved one will cherish the memory and appreciate the sentiment.

personalized photo acrylic keepsake

A Bouquet

Even if you’re hours apart, you can call ahead when you get some free time and have flowers delivered. Ask subtle questions to get a feel for where they’ll be at during different times of the day. Go a step further and have multiple bouquets delivered at different times throughout the day!


If flowers aren’t really their thing (or they have allergies!), have surprise takeout delivered! Coordinate the takeout to arrive when you’re both about to start your nightly Skype call. You two can go on a surprise virtual date! Don’t forget to “cheers” with a glass of wine as well

A Blanket

Send them one of our unique personalized blankets to curl up in after a long day. Sometimes being apart can feel like the world is ending, and we usually want the ones we love close by us when we feel that way. You’re never far from them when they can curl up with a blanket that has a sweet memory of the two of you printed on it!

photo collage sherpa blanket
Love Letters

There’s nothing more romantic than a love letter. Send them a sweet note (or two!) through snail mail. It’s a unique, romantic way to express how much you love and miss them. Even if you’re not good with words, a simple “I love you” will make them smile wide when they read it


Give them a planner they can use to mark out your virtual date nights. You can even write in the visits you have planned for them! Don’t forget all the other important dates between the two of you, such as anniversaries, birthdays and events the two of you are attending together.

Coordinated Jewelry

If you prefer a watch and she prefers a necklace, get coordinated pieces. Pick something meaningful between the two of you, such as an anniversary date, birthday of a child or even a special quote–maybe it’s something funny she says to you–and have it engraved into the piece of jewelry. It’s a sweet way to subtly be reminded of each other whenever you’re wearing the piece.

Matching Mugs

Sip your morning coffee or nighttime tea together in style. A pair of matching mugs is perfect for remembering your significant other despite the distance. You can even do a coordinated set, such as “his & her” mugs or mugs that have your separate state outlines on them. We have a variety of personalized mugs you can choose from in our selection!

Big Spoon Little Spoon Coffee Mugs

A Book of Your Love

If they love to read, why not send them the story of you? Sit down and write about your most cherished experiences with them. From the first moment you saw them till the moment you realized you were in love with them, nothing will make your significant other swoon more than reading about how you see them. For an extra special touch, include screenshots from emails, text messages and social media posts. 

A Playlist 

Create a special Spotify playlist filled with your favorite songs and songs that make you think about them. You can also make other private playlists for them to play at different times, such as “When You Miss Me” or “When You’re Excited to Zoom with Me Later.” It’s a fun, unique way to share something special!

Even though long-distance relationships are hard, taking the time to send your sweetheart a gift is a small way you can remind them you’re committed regardless of distance. They’ll love your dedication to the relationship and it will make for an extra special love story!

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