Gifts for Good Thymes: 11 Gifts for Garden Lovers

Gardens are a great feature for a home. If you have any loved ones who love to garden, it’s important to give them something that will help them grow the best fruits and vegetables they can! We’ve put together a list of some awesome gifts to give the garden lovers in your life. 

Birdhouses: Hanging birdhouses will let the birds have a place to rest their wings while flying through your loved one’s garden. You can purchase a plain birdhouse and paint it, or you can attempt a complete DIY project! Before considering what patterns or colors to use, sneak a couple of peeks into your loved one’s backyard and try to match it to their backyard decor theme.

happy camper magnetic yard sign

A Magnetic Sign: We have a special selection of magnetic personalized garden signs that will work well in any garden! Our designs have many different patterns and colors, making them perfect for your loved one’s garden. 

A Painted Planter: Not every plant in the garden has to grow in the ground. Many gardeners use planters to ensure certain plants don’t overtake others, or they use planters for a decorative aesthetic. Regardless, a painted planter is perfect for the gardener in your life. You could find a set in different sizes or purchase multiple of the same pattern, color and size. It’s totally up to you!

A Memorial Stone: Gardens are perfect areas to set up memorials to loved ones. Our engraved garden stones come in different sizes and patterns that will ensure you get the perfect one to memorialize a loved one. Whether it’s your Grandmother or your favorite pet, we have a garden stone that will help you and your loved ones always fondly remember those you’ve lost.

personalized pet memorial garden stone

A Child’s Gardening Set: It’s never too early to get the kids in on the fun! If your gardening friend has kids, consider giving them a child’s gardening set. It’s a perfect way to let the kids learn about gardening, but also use tools that are safe and designed with them in mind.

A Bright Watering Can: Sometimes we need to water our garden with something other than the hose. Give your gardening loved one a watering can! You can go vintage with a classic metal watering can or amp it up with a bright, vibrant pattern. No matter what, your garden lover will be so excited to have something new to water their plants with!

A Set of Gardening Books: While not everyone who gardens also reads avidly, gardeners who are highly dedicated to the craft will probably want to get their hands on anything garden-related they can find! Gardening books are a great gift for someone who loves to garden. Whether it’s a book on cross-pollinating flowers or a book with tips and tricks on gardening in a desert area, your garden-loving friend will be so glad to have the resources.

A Commemorative Garden Flag: Garden flags are perfect to spruce up the decor in a backyard garden. Whether they’re featuring a recent graduate or welcoming people to their home, our inviting personalized garden flags are great to give as gifts to even the gardening novices.personalized floral garden flag

A Set of Fresh Gardening Gloves: If they’re in the garden frequently, the gloves they use can wear down easily. A gardener loves gloves. They keep hands from getting scratched or dirty. Some gardeners have a favorite pair of gardening gloves, one they’ve worn enough to break in and mold to their hands. However, it’s still a good idea to get them an extra pair to have just in case!

An Herb Garden: Herb gardens typically sit inside the house, normally in the kitchen or somewhere food is prepared. This way, you can grab the fresh herbs while cooking without having to leave the kitchen! An herb garden will let your gardening loved one have quick access to fresh herbs without having to leave their kitchen unattended. Plus, it’ll free up space in their garden for other fruits or vegetables!

A Basket to Gather with: When it’s time to bring the fruits and vegetables in, they’ll need something to carry the produce in! Give your gardening loved ones a unique gathering basket that’s sturdy enough to carry even the largest of sweet pea loads, but also keeps the produce from being ruined on the way back to the house.

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