How to Make Someone Smile: 6 Ideas for Any Occasion

Let’s face it — life is tough. And, after over two years of a global pandemic, many people don’t feel they have reasons to smile these days. That’s right — depression and mental health issues continue to increase in Americans, especially since the start of the pandemic in 2020. However, sometimes a smile is all someone needs to feel a little better. Here are some gentle ways you can make someone smile — guaranteed to make their day a bit brighter! 

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  1. Learn the differences between empathy and sympathy. Empathy and sympathy are two ways people can connect. Sympathy is expressing that you feel bad for someone else, whereas empathy is attempting to put yourself in that person’s shoes. Empathy is a difficult trait to master, but once you learn it, you’ll find your conversations and interactions with others will go much better and your relationships with others will be stronger. The best way to put a smile on someone’s face is to give them a mix of sympathy and empathy. We offer a variety of personalized sympathy gifts that are great to give someone to show them you feel bad for their loss. Combined with sitting with that person while they’re in pain and telling them you’re thankful they’re talking with you, you can show someone both empathy and sympathy in a way that makes them feel better.

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  1. Give them a compliment. Sometimes a compliment can go a long way in making someone feel better, both about their day and themselves. A simple “I like your outfit!” or even telling a coworker “You did a great job on this project!” can really brighten their day. It’s easy to get caught up in the constant cycles of the day, but taking the time to break the mold and instead give your friends, family, coworkers and even strangers a compliment can bring a little joy to them. Plus, it’s beneficial to you, too. Seeing others happy and smiling, especially after something you told them, can really make you feel good. 

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  1. Bring them some flowers. Did you know that flowers have their own language? That’s right — back in Victorian times, people used to communicate through floral delivery. It was often seen between couples or close friends who wanted to deliver messages in private. While many floral arrangements today are less about the message and more about the look, you can still send someone flowers as a way to pass along a sweet, uplifting message. You can either bring the flowers to them yourself (which is perfect for giving them in one of our unique keepsake gift vases) or have them delivered. Either way, giving someone flowers with a happy message can make them smile. If your loved ones have allergies, you can always send them an arrangement of silk flowers instead.
  2. Write them a letter. Words can really make someone feel good. Take some time to write your friends and family a letter or a card that says you care about them. Whether you include a funny story or express that you wish you both could get together in person more often, taking the time to write a letter can really go a long way in putting a smile on their face. Getting a handwritten card or letter in the mail is often a surprise, and it feels great to know someone took the time to write something in a card and send it in the mail to you. 

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  1. Give them something with their face on it. While it seems absurd, sometimes that’s just what you need in order to get someone smiling. A photo blanket with a large picture of their most recent selfie, a coffee mug with a close-up of them at a party, the list goes on. It might appear outrageous, but humor and absurdity are great ways to make someone feel happy and put a smile on their face. Our photo gifts make for great personalized gifts for him that will have him laughing and smiling long after he opens his gifts. 

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6. Cook them a meal. Food is often seen as the language of love. Consider cooking them a meal — either their favorite meal or something you feel you’re the best at cooking — as a way to spread a little cheer and happiness their way. You can break bread together, or package it for them to enjoy on their own or with their own family. They’ll love your sweet and thoughtful gesture.

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