10 Sentimental and Unique Baby Gifts

You should always get a gift for an expecting couple. It can be difficult to shop for expecting parents, though–especially if you don’t have kids of your own. And, if your babies are now all grown up, you’ve probably perused the baby aisle to realize that there are so many new items that new parents can use to help them parent best. Sure, it’s overwhelming, but that’s where we come in! Nothing is better for expecting parents than one of our many personalized baby gifts that any baby is sure to love.

Personalized Baby Moon Word-Art Night Light

A Nightlight: Nightlights have many uses, especially for newborns. They help Mom and Dad see where they’re going when they check on the baby without having to turn on the lights, and they give the nursery a soft glow to help encourage the newborn to sleep. Our nightlights are personalizable: you can add the baby’s name or even a sweet message for them!

A Piggy Bank: It’s never too early to start a savings account! Encourage fiscal responsibility from a young age by giving expecting parents a piggy bank for their child. Bonus points if you fill it up with some spare change you’ll never use!

personalized baby elephant sherpa blanket

A Blanket: Babies can never have too many blankets. Sure, there will be one they latch onto, but it has to get washed sometimes! Plus, baby blankets get dirty easily for many reasons, so it’s important for parents to have blankets in every room or place the baby might be–bedroom, living room, nursery, car…the list goes on! Our sweet personalized baby blankets make perfect sentimental gifts for expecting parents. With so many patterns, colors and fonts, there’s surely a perfect baby blanket for your recipient.

A Children’s Book: Some studies have shown that reading books to children, both in the womb and as newborns, can help them develop language faster. Consider giving the expecting parents a set of children’s books–some for when they’re a baby, some for when they’re a toddler and some for when they finally reach reading age. For an extra level of sentimentality, try and locate your favorite children’s books that you read when you were younger! It’s a great way to pass on something personal from you to the expecting parents and the newborn baby.

A Milestone Blanket: Get in on the milestone trend by giving expecting parents a milestone blanket! Many of them come in different patterns and designs, all detailing a baby’s length and age–typically from one month to one year! 

A Decorative Pillow: Give the expecting parents a personalized decorative pillow to add to the nursery. It’ll help keep Mom and Dad comfortable while feeding or rocking the baby to sleep, or give them something to prop their back against while playing with the baby on the floor.

personalized owl onesie

A Fun Onesie: Babies can never have enough onesies! Our fun, unique custom baby onesies are great to give expecting parents at baby showers. With so many colors, patterns and designs, you can give them an entire wardrobe for their new little one!

Teething Toys: Once the baby hits the teething stage, it’s important for parents to have teething toys, especially the ones that soothe the baby’s gums. Giving the expecting parents a set of teething toys will really help them to be prepared when the time comes for their baby’s teeth to spring! 

A Birth Announcement: Celebrate the birth of the new baby by giving the new parents a personalized birth announcement gift! From plates to photo keepsakes, we have a variety of birth announcement items you can choose from. 

An Ornament: Celebrate the baby’s first Christmas by giving the new parents a personalized baby ornament to hang on their tree! We have many different designs to choose from, and you can even personalize them with photos of the new baby. It’ll be a unique way to memorialize the birth of the baby and ring in the holidays. 

Expecting a baby is such a special time for soon-to-be parents. Give them a sentimental and unique gift that will show them how excited you are for their new bundle of joy!

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