6 Home Bar Decor Ideas to Make It Your Own

A home bar is no longer something only wealthy people with huge mansions have. These days, you can create a home bar in your space — no matter the size — with just a few items. To really make your home bar your own, here are some of our favorite ideas! 

home bar with tv and neon sign

Use a rolling cart

Rolling carts are versatile for a variety of reasons. You can usually find them in smaller spaces that don’t have much counter space or for planning an outdoor party. Some bar carts even come with compartments for ice! Line up your favorite personalized beer mugs and glasses (absolutely essential for making your home bar feel like it was made just for you) on one of the shelves. Just make sure to wipe them down with a damp cloth every once in a while so they can stay dust and fingerprint free! Did you know that coffee filters are also a great way to keep glass smudge free? That’s right! Coffee filters and microfiber cloths are the two best materials to use with a glass cleaning solution.


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Choose a theme

Some homeowners take this to the extreme, with a tropical theme, a club vibe or even only opening their home bar for a bottomless mimosa brunch. Choose a theme for your bar if you really want to make it your own. Whether you choose a theme for the holidays or you decorate it to stay one way through the year, a themed bar makes it easier for you to find decor, glassware and beverages to stock. You can even create a custom menu sign that can go up in your bar! Perfect for when you have guests over or a larger party at your home. 

bartender making drink

Display what you offer

Why not make your home bar really feel like a bar? Get yourself some open display shelves so that you can easily grab bottles, cans and anything else you might need. If your home bar is near your kitchen, use open shelving that matches your kitchen decor! You can also add a fun personalized bar sign to one of your open shelves. Perfect for announcing that your home bar is open for business! You can rotate out your selection of beers, liquors and wines as the seasons change, just like a real bar. Or, turn some empty bottles and wine corks into decor to go with your bar’s theme.

Invest in a serving set

Stirrers, strainers, jiggers, pour spouts, tongs, a shaker and an ice bucket are all essential parts of any home bar. If your home bar is on a rolling cart or in a small space, then you’ll want to maximize what space you have for mixing. Get yourself a serving set for your home bar! This way, you can place it on the bar without worrying that it will clash with your other decor. Gold, copper, silver or even matte black are all great options for your serving set. Add a custom bar mat to prevent spills as you pass drinks over or make pours. 

whiskey decanter and glasses on stand

Find some decanters

Decanters are great for transferring your liquor and alcohol from the standard bottle with the label into something more luxurious. Many decanters are glass, but some are made of a more durable plastic or even beautiful crystal. If your home is animal- and child-free, then investing in some quality decanters might be a great way for you to spruce up your home bar. A custom decanter set, complete with matching glasses, will really elevate your home bar. If you like to drink bourbon or scotch, then a decanter set is practically a rite of passage!

Create some seating

Some home bars are large enough for seating. If you have a home bar in your basement or even outside, you’ll want to ensure you create a seating area for yourself or your guests. Cushioned bar stools with a back are always a great idea for your bar seating. This way, people feel comfortable at your bar while waiting for their drink or even just chatting together! If you don’t have enough space for a full bar, you can create some seating by placing your bar cart near some cozy accent chairs so that you all can access the drinks easily. 

A home bar doesn’t mean you have to install a huge bar somewhere in your home. Even if you live in an apartment or a tiny home, you can have a home bar that’s unique to you in just a few simple ways!

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