8 Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

If you’ve got a wine lover or two in your family, then you’ve probably already decided you want to get them something related to their wine interests this Christmas. But you don’t want to go for yet ~another~ bottle of their favorite blend. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of some perfect gifts to give the wine lovers in your life that are better than a bottle of wine!

Personalized Nice With A Little Naughty Stemless Wine Glass


Wine Glass: You can’t drink wine without a wine glass! Our selection of unique personalized wine glasses will ensure your friends and family get the glasses that best represent them. Whether you give them a monogrammed glass or one with a funny phrase printed on it, they’ll love having another set of glasses to drink out of. 

A Wine Stopper: Not all wines are made equal–some come with screw caps, others come corked. The bottles with corks need to have stoppers because there isn’t a way to close the bottle back up after you open it. Fortunately, that’s why wine stoppers were made! You can find a variety of wine stoppers that will be sure to make your wine-loving friends and family happy this Christmas. They come in all shapes and decor styles, with some light as a feather and others a bit heavier. You can find wooden ones, metal ones and even ones with their initial etched into them! There are many options when it comes to wine stoppers. 

A Cheese Board: What goes best with wine? Cheese! Give your friends the ultimate cheese board this year for them to create a beautiful masterpiece cheese layout. Whether they break out the cheese board for game night or to catch up on all their TV shows, they’ll love having a fun, decorative wooden slab to pile their slices of cheese on. They can even take it a step further and make a jaw-dropping charcuterie layout!

A Silicone Wine Glass Holder: If your friend’s a big fan of sipping on a glass of Moscato or merlot while enjoying a relaxing bubble bath, then they’ve probably also lamented the difficulty of placing their wine glass on the other side of the bathtub, risking a spill whenever they go to grab it or get out of the tub. Give them a silicone wine glass holder to stick on their bathtub wall, and their problem will be solved! They’ll love having a place for their wine glass to go while they enjoy a decompression bath after a long day at work. 

personalized Slate Coaster Set

A Set of Coasters: No one likes a sweat ring on their side table or kitchen counter! Our personalized coasters come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors so you know you’ll find the perfect set of coasters for all your wine-loving friends and family!

A Tote Bag: Your wine-loving friends probably also enjoy a picnic or two! A large tote bag with pockets inside and outside is perfect for them. They can take all the necessities: glasses, wine bottle openers, containers with cheese and sliced meats, plus the wine! Take it a step further and have it personalized for a special touch. 

A Bottle of Custom Wine: Visit your local winery and talk with them about crafting a special bottle just for your friend or family member! This can be a little more expensive than other gifts, but it’s a unique and sweet gift to give. If you really want to impress them this holiday season, then get them their own wine blend, named and crafted just for them!

engraved stemless wine tumbler

An Insulated Tumbler: Sometimes you need a glass of wine on the go. Whether you’re sitting outside on the beach, around a campfire or even just on your back porch, there are some situations where glass might not be the safest, or you’re more likely to spill your wine. A wine tumbler is a perfect solution for that! We have a variety of personalized wine tumblers that come in many different colors. Whether you want it engraved with their initial, a fun phrase or your own unique message, we have the perfect one for your wine-loving friends and family. 

Give the wine lovers in your life a fun, unique gift this holiday season. No matter what, they’re sure to love whatever gift you give them a mer-lot! (See what we did there?

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