9 Supportive Gift Ideas for a Grieving Friend

Friendship is about love, loyalty and support. When your friend loses someone close to them, it’s important that you support them through their grief! However, sometimes we lack the words to say and instead want to give them something that we hope will help them through their situation. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite gift ideas to give your grieving friend to show them you’re there to support them and love them through their difficult time.

Round Glass Engraved Memorial Christmas Ornament

An Ornament: Ornaments are perfect gifts to give anyone who’s grieving. The holidays can be a tough season for anyone who’s recently lost a loved one, so an ornament they can remember their loved one by is a great memorial gift to give!

A Candle: A memorial candle is a sweet way for your friend to remember their loved one. For some, lighting a candle for their loved one has a religious meaning, so giving them a memorial candle can really show them you care.

Wind Chimes: Wind chimes are a beautiful gift to give a grieving friend! Wind chimes help to make music out of nature, and their history includes warding off evil spirits and attracting peaceful ones. Give your friend a set of memorial wind chimes for them to hang on their porch. They’ll love to know that whenever they hear it chiming, it means their loved one has come to visit.

A Basket of Self-Care Items: If your friend is not only grieving the loss of a loved one but is also responsible for their loved one’s estate and funeral arrangements, life is probably hectic for them. Show them you care by giving them a basket of self-care items: soap, toothpaste, a face mask and some bath salts. They’ll be in need of a serious self-care day, and having a basket with those items already together will ensure they have a stress-free day all to themselves. Memorial Heart-Shaped Garden StonesA Garden Stone: If your friend is starting a memorial garden, or they already have a garden established, give them a memorial garden stone! Our garden stones are perfect sympathy gifts to give because they add that special touch to a garden area. Even if they’d like to add it to their berm between some bushes or incorporate it into a water feature, our garden stones are perfect for any landscaping layout.

A Meal Train: Meal trains are such a sweet gift idea to give your grieving friend! Together, you and a few other friends and family come together to bake a dish or two for your friend. You’ll coordinate what meals are given, who drops food off when and how long you’ll keep the meal train up. Ideally, you’ll do one meal a day for dinner, since that meal tends to be the largest. However, if your friend group is large and you’re all willing to pitch in multiple times a day, you can have your meal train deliver breakfast, lunch and dinner! Coordinating the meal train is a gift in and of itself. After a person passes, many times the grieving loved one is bombarded with casseroles. If you step in to coordinate the meal train, it prevents your friend from getting overwhelmed!

A Keychain: Your friend can keep their loved one close on a personalized keychain! With a sweet, personalized message or a poem of remembrance, a memorial keychain is a unique way for your friend to memorialize their loved one. personalized dog memorial key chain
A Pet Urn: Sometimes, our friends don’t lose other people. Sometimes, they lose their furry family members! When that happens, you shouldn’t avoid giving them a memorial gift. Many veterinarians cremate animal remains, so your friend will need a decorative urn for them. We have a variety of personalized pet urns that fit perfectly on the mantel or a bookshelf. Your friend will be so glad that you’ve given them something to remember their pet by. We even have a variety of other pet memorial gifts that will let their furry family member live on.

A Keepsake Box: If there are items that belonged to your friend’s loved one that they want to hold onto, a keepsake box is perfect for them! They can fill it with letters, cards, jewelry and other small items that belonged to their loved one. They’ll be in a special place. Some keepsake boxes even have music, too, that will play when you open the lid. 

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