What to Get Your Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day

After glancing at your calendar, you come to the realization that soon it’ll be Valentine’s Day. You just bought Christmas presents, but you know you need to knock the gifts out of the park for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. Unsure of how to upstage the Christmas gift she fawned over? We’ve got you covered with some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her

  • Beauty
    • Nail Polish: Find some nail polish varieties in different shades of her favorite color(s). If you know she typically wears one shade, purchase a refill! She’ll be glad that you noticed what she wears on her nails. 
    • Lipstick: Take a look through her makeup bag to find the shades of lipsticks she typically wears. It’s important to not just go to the makeup counter and pick a random shade–different complexions and undertones will make the same color look different on each person, so you want to avoid the chance of that deep purple actually looking black on your girlfriend. 
  • Clothing and Accessories
    • Jewelry: Gifting your girlfriend a piece of jewelry on Valentine’s Day is probably one of the most traditional items for the holiday. Take it a step further and purchase her one of our many personalized necklaces. You can choose from different metals, colors and styles. You can also look for a pair of earrings, a watch or a bracelet. No matter what, if you’re getting her jewelry, make sure it’s something you know she’ll wear. If you’ve never seen her wear a bracelet before, but she wears a necklace every day, you’ll want to go with the necklace. personalized birthstone necklace
    • Sweater: February is typically cold, so get her a sweater that has a cute Valentine’s Day quote on it or something more personal, such as a monogram. Sweaters are easily layered, too, so if she works in an office that gets really cold, they’re a great gift! 
    • Handbag: Gift her a handbag that holds all her items! Find one with a lot of inner compartments and pockets–women love pockets! You can look for one in her favorite color, with a personalized touch such as a monogram or in a favorite animal print. The possibilities are endless!
  • Tech
    • Portable Phone Bank: If she’s always on the go, a portable phone bank is a great option. Chances are she’s using her phone for GPS or streaming music. Getting her a phone bank will be great for her to have the ability to charge her phone when the battery gets too low or she’s out later than she expected and isn’t near her phone charger. If your girlfriend also spends a lot of time in places that don’t typically have a lot of outlets, a portable phone bank is perfect for that, too. 
    • Laptop Sleeve: A laptop sleeve is perfect for the girlfriend who’s always on her laptop. Whether she’s constantly using it for work or school, a sleek laptop sleeve will easily protect her laptop from damage. She can leave it in the sleeve and carry it around rather than stuffing it into a tote bag.
  • More Items
    • Blanket: Blankets are always a great option for any holiday! You can find them in different colors, textures and styles that fit in any room and any decor style. From plush sherpa blankets to plaid, fleece throws, blankets make for great gifts. personalized couples photo blanket
    • Book: Does your girlfriend have a favorite author or book series? Find her something to read by perusing your local bookstore. Make it personal by including a handwritten note on the title page or in the front cover! She’ll be so glad you paid attention to what she likes to read. Buy yourself a copy and the two of you can read it together!
    • Flowers: If jewelry is the most traditional gift, flowers come in second. Get a bouquet of her favorite flowers delivered to her door, office or classroom. She’ll love it! If she’s asthmatic or allergic to flowers, find some fake ones at your local craft store. She’ll appreciate the sentiment–and they’ll stay bloomed all year long!
    • Trip: Does your girlfriend like to travel? Book a trip for the two of you! It doesn’t have to be far. Find a new place and explore it together. She’ll be so excited you planned the trip out. personalized love coupon book

Finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be hard. The main thing to remember is that you want to find personalized Valentine’s gifts, ones that you know she’ll remember for years to come.

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