What to Get Your Amazing Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

Maybe you’ve been with your boyfriend for a few months, or maybe you’ve been together for a few years. Either way, you’re unsure of what to get him for Valentine’s Day. He’s an amazing boyfriend–smart, thoughtful, puts the dishes in the dishwasher how you like–and you want to get him a gift that shows him how much you love him. We’ve got a list of some of the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for him

  • Wallet: Men’s wallets are typically different than women’s wallets–but your man can never have too many. Find one that will store all his most commonly used cards, plus some cash. A lot of guys don’t carry much change, so don’t stress if the wallet doesn’t have a large change pocket.wallet with initials
  • Socks: Gone are the days of socks not being liked as gifts. Any adult knows that socks are some of the best gifts to get! If your boyfriend always complains his feet are cold, socks are a great option. You can get themed pairs for his favorite TV show or movie franchise in unique patterns or different colors. 
  • Tie: If your boyfriend works in a business-professional office environment, chances are he’s always wearing a tie. Ties make for great personalized Valentine’s gifts for your boyfriend. You can find one in a variety of styles! Even if he doesn’t work in a professional environment, you never know when the two of you will need to attend a formal event. It’s always a good rule of thumb for him to have a tie on hand!
  • Bottle Opener: If your boyfriend’s drink of choice is a bottle of beer or hard cider, get him a personalized bottle opener! You can find bottle openers that attach to keychains, too, so he’ll have it with him if he needs it while out at a friend’s. 
  • Boxers: Would it be Valentine’s Day if you didn’t get your boyfriend a pair of boxers? Probably not. We have adorable personalized boxers we know you’ll love. He’s sure to laugh out loud when he sees them and reads whatever personalized message you include! personalized i love boxer shorts
  • Cufflinks: Cufflinks are another integral part of a man’s wardrobe. Gifting him a pair of cufflinks that match his personality–or are personalized with his initials–will put a unique touch on your gift this Valentine’s Day. Look for some you know he’ll wear and accurately represent him. If he loves dogs, find him paw prints! Make sure to find them in his preferred metal, too. 
  • Drinkware: A set of drinkware is a great gift option for your boyfriend. If he loves coffee, find him a coffee mug with a funny saying or his initial. If he goes to bourbon tastings with the boys on the weekends, gift him a set of personalized shot glasses. engraved beer glass
  • Slippers: If you’re gifting him a pair of socks this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget the slippers! They’re great if he has to run outside early in the morning or late at night, or if you have hardwood floors in your home. 
  • Shaving Kit: A shaving kit is a great gift for him for Valentine’s Day! Even if he has a full-length beard, he still has to make sure his edges are clean and crisp, so a shaving kit is the perfect way to go. If he likes antique items, you can find him an antique shaving kit to try. He’ll be so excited about such a unique gift!
  • Gaming Console: Does your boyfriend play video games? Make his Valentine’s Day great by figuring out what type of game console he wants next. He’ll be so excited to unwrap it on Valentine’s Day! Word to the Wise: You might not see very much of him once he opens the box. 
  • Sporting Event/Concert Tickets: Does your boyfriend have a favorite sports team or music performer? Purchase him tickets to an event that he can attend! You can either coordinate with his friends so they all have tickets too, or you can plan for the two of you to go together. Either way, he’ll be grateful that you paid attention to some of his favorites. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can purchase tickets for an out-of-town event and make a vacation out of it! It’ll be a great chance to explore something new and make new memories. 

No matter what gift you give your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, he’ll be glad it came from you.

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