What to Get Dad for Father’s Day

If you’re anything like us, it can be hard to figure out what to get your Dad for Father’s Day, especially if you feel like you’ve already gotten him everything he wants. Here are some awesome Father’s Day gifts you can give that he will love!

  • Tickets to a Baseball Game: If your Father loves baseball, then get him some tickets to your local major or minor league game! It’s a great opportunity for the two of you to catch up while watching the game. If he doesn’t like baseball, then try and score some tickets to a game of one of his favorite sports, such as soccer or football.                                                                    embroidered duffel bag
  • Personalized Duffel Bag: Duffel bags are perfect for Father’s Day, especially if your Father goes to the gym after work or is on a local club sports team. He’ll love that you thought of him! Plus, it’ll help him find the one that’s his amongst the piles of other duffel bags.
  • A Fillet Knife: Does your Dad love to camp or fish? A fillet knife is a unique gift for him this Father’s Day! He’ll cut through the fish he catches with ease. He’ll be so thankful for it when he’s out there in the wild. Bonus points if you can go camping with him to watch him use it!
  • A Funny Tie: Every man needs a great tie. What better than something he can laugh at? Consider his hobbies and his favorite cartoons and then find one that you think best matches those. You could even find one that you can place a picture of his pet on! He’s sure to love your unique, humorous gift.
  • A Hike in the Mountains: Sometimes, the best gifts are experiences. Your Dad will love the opportunity to bond with you over a hike in the mountains this Father’s Day. Maybe it’s a hike you two do all the time or a trail you haven’t taken since you were young. Either way, your Dad will just be happy to go out with you. Bring your siblings if you want to make it a family affair! engraved cutting board
  • An Engraved Cutting Board: If he’s often in the kitchen cooking up something innovative and unique, he deserves a personalized cutting board to add to his kitchen decor! We have a variety of engraved cutting boards to choose from that your Dad is sure to love. 
  • Wall Sign: If your Dad is often spending his time in the den or garage, why not get him a wall sign to help spruce up the place? Take his man cave decor to the next level with one of our unique wall signs. He’s sure to love adding the family element to his space! 
  • A Funny T-shirt: Nothing says “Happy Father’s Day!” better than a funny dad shirt! Whether it’s a pun about his handyman skills or a reference to his hometown, we have a variety of unique shirts that’ll make him smile every time he puts it on. 
  • Engraved Tools: Does your Dad like to work on home improvement projects? Or, maybe he actually does construction for a living. Either way, show him you care about his interests by giving him some engraved tools this Father’s Day! You can find a variety of engravable tools, whether it’s a hammer or measuring tape, that he’ll love.                                                         personalized beer caddy
  • Beer Caddy: If he likes to take beer with him to the beach, camping or fishing, then a personalized beer caddy is the way to go! He’ll love to take his favorite brews with him wherever he goes. Plus, it’s a great way for him to mix and match instead of taking whole six packs with him. He can leave the rest behind in the fridge to keep cool and drink later!
  • A Golf Club Cover: Any dedicated golfer knows that it’s best to keep the clubs covered when not in use–or when it’s raining! Consider getting your Dad a golf club cover for his clubs. He’ll love that you thought about his hobbies and will get great use out of it! We have some personalized ones for that extra-special touch. 

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your Dad how much you love him. A great Father’s Day gift is unique and fun, but remember that sometimes experiences are the best gifts you can give.

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