What to Give for a Baptism Gift

If you’ve recently been invited to a baptism, congratulations! Baptisms are a celebratory affair, and being included in one means you matter a great deal to the person being baptized. If you’ve never been to a baptism before, you might have some questions. What will happen? Should I dress up? If I choose to bring a gift, what’s appropriate? Lucky for you, we compiled some tips and tricks to enjoy the baptism, plus some unique gift ideas! 

Baptism Basics

Baptisms are an integral part of one’s faith, especially for Christians. Many view baptisms as a transition from death to life. Individuals who choose to be baptized “die to their old selves,” so to speak. When they are baptized–dipped underwater–they are purified. When they come from under the water, they are new within Christ. It’s often considered a symbol of faith and trust. Baptisms can occur at any age. Some denominations, such as Catholics, baptize infants; however, some denominations place more emphasis on teenagers and adults. 

The dress code for baptisms varies. Some churches, especially Catholic churches, require formal dress wear for attendees–even the person getting baptized. However, a lot of nondenominational churches do not have dress code requirements. Many people in more casual churches wear jeans and t-shirts. It all depends on the church. You can either check with the person who invited you to the baptism or look on the church’s website or social media pages to find out what people attending there typically wear. 


The process of baptism is very simple. Either before, during or after the service, a church representative will invite everyone to see the baptism. In baptism services where only a few people are being baptized, the pastor might say some encouraging words about each person and their testimony. Then, each person will get into the baptismal pool. The pastor will speak to them about their commitment to Christ and then will dunk them into the water. When the person is lifted back up out of the water, make sure you cheer loudly! This is a celebration. 

Baptism Gifts

It’s always a good idea to give a gift to the person who’s being baptized. After the actual baptism, most people will have a small reception to more privately celebrate the baptism. Bring your gift there or send it in the mail before the baptism. 

You’ll want to give a religious gift. Consider items with crosses, doves and other spiritual symbols, but make them personal! You always want to show the person getting baptized that you are excited for their new spiritual journey. Here are some baptism gift ideas that they will love!

  • Jewelry: A cross necklace with their name etched into it is a great personalized baptism gift. You can also consider a pocket watch, earrings or even one of our hand-stamped bracelets. For those who are Catholic, consider purchasing a personalized rosary as well. Rosaries are what Catholics use to pray with and are an important part of the faith.                                   personalized goddaughter bracelet
  • Stuffed Animal: If the person getting baptized is a child, why not get them a stuffed teddy bear? We have a variety of personalized teddy bears and lambs that are wearing unique t-shirts signifying the importance of this momentous occasion. 
  • Personalized Coffee Mug: It’s a great idea to give a coffee mug complete with a religious quote printed on it! Do you know the favorite Bible verse of the person getting baptized? Maybe there’s a specific prayer you know they like. Have it printed on a coffee mug to give them after their baptism! embroidered baptism blanket
  • Blanket: For those baptized as infants, why not give a personalized baby blanket? Babies can never have enough blankets. We have a great selection of baby afghans and throws that will make both baby and parents happy. You can add baby photos and find the perfect pattern!
  • Photos: Memories are best cataloged in photos. Giving a photo gift is a great way to memorialize their baptism! Consider finding a photo of you and the person being baptized and then put it into a unique personalized picture frame. It will be such a nice way for you and the person being baptized to commemorate your relationship and the baptism!

If you’ve never been to a baptism before, you might stress over what to do or what to get. That’s okay! The important part about baptisms is that you show up to support the person being baptized. No matter what, they will be so glad you came to celebrate their spiritual journey!

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