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Losing a beloved pet is a tough time in anyone’s life. With the loyalty, love, and attention that they provide; we see our pets as another member of the family. This is why the death of a pet can leave a lasting impact on our lives. As the hallways go silent—absent of the pitter patter of playful paws—and you are no longer greeted at the door with a smiling face, the true effect of your pet’s moving on sets in. Having played such an important role in your life, your pet deserves to be honored appropriately. Anything from memorial ceremonies to pet memorial gifts can help ease the pain.

Here are 10 ways to memorialize your dear furry friend:

1. Hold a memorial

Whether it be a small ceremony or an event with a larger group of loved ones, remember your pet in a way that allows you to properly grieve. Taking time to properly honor your furry friend will allow you to get your emotions out.

2. Engraved Pet Memorial Garden Stone

pet memorial garden stone










Laying your pet to rest in the garden or yard is a way that you can always keep them close to you. Use a marker like this personalized garden stone to establish a site of remembrance.

3. Plant a memorial flower/tree

One great way to celebrate the life of your pet is to foster more life in their memory. Planting trees or flowers in memory of a lost pet can bring natural beauty into this somber time. You can also include some of your pet’s ashes when planting to ensure they will live on.

4. Personalized Pet Memorial Garden Stake

personalized garden stake










A more visible way to display you everlasting love, this wrought iron garden stake will let all visitors know how much you loved your pet.

5. Online memorial/grievance

It is difficult to mourn the loss of a pet, especially one that meant so much to you. There are plenty of online communities and message boards where other grieving pet parents can tell stories and help each other through their sadness.

6. Ceramic Photo Dog Urn

ceramic photo dog urn










If you prefer to have your pet cremated instead of buried, a personalized urn like this one is a fitting way to hold their ashes. Decorate with your favorite picture to remember that happy face.

7. Donate

A perfect way to honor the memory of your furry friend is to help out their furry friends. Donate to local animal shelters or organizations that help animals to provide aid to some animals in need.

8. Engraved Til’ the End Pet Memorial Frame

pet memorial picture frame










Once your dog or cat has passed, you will find yourself looking back at old pictures from when they were a puppy and beyond. This personalized frame is a loving way to display your favorite picture for all to see.

9. Pet Memorial Glass Ornament

pet memorial ornament










Remember your four-legged friend all year round with this beautiful pet memorial ornament that looks great in any room of your home.

10. Adopt

Although it may take a while to fully grieve the passing of your pet, the time will eventually come. And one of the best ways to fill the void in your life is to adopt another animal and give them a forever home full of love and cuddles.


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