10 Romantic Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts

Now that Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, be sure you’re able to make it a truly special day for your partner. Whether you’ve been together for a few months or for several decades, a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift is a powerful way to show them how much you care. Don’t wait until it’s too late and your only remaining choices are generic and boring. Here are some unique and cute personalized Valentine’s Day gifts to start you off on the right track.

Love Poem Picture Frame

Personalized Picture Frame for Couples

Engraved Love Poem Glass Frame


You know that picture you adore of you and your partner? Put it in a beautiful picture frame for all to see. What’s unique about this frame is that it can be customized with a poem: select one of our provided options or provide your own composition. Extra points for creativity!


Personalized Wall Decor


This wood pallet-style wall decor is a powerful way to symbolize the love shared by you and your significant other. Customize it with both of your names, and this piece fits in beautifully with a rustic theme. Choose from three different sizing options.


Word-Art Throw Pillow

Custom Throw Pillow for Couple

Loving Couple Word-Art Personalized Throw Pillow


This popular word-art throw pillow makes a great gift that you can proudly place in your living room or bedroom. Our unique word-art customizer tool gives you control over the final appearance of your pillow, allowing you to select words, colors, symbols, and more to decorate your pillow.


Embroidered Sherpa Blanket

Personalized Sherpa Blanket

Embroidered Double Heart Sherpa Blanket


This cozy blanket will keep you and your partner warm during the cold months, but it also looks good thrown across your bed or the back of your couch. In addition to personalizing the comfy blanket with both of your names, you can also choose from a variety of blanket and thread colors for the perfect piece you can enjoy for years to come.


Customized Jewelry Box


Have a special piece of jewelry that deserves a unique container it can be presented in and stored in while it’s not being worn? This jewelry box features a touching message that aligns with the stars and moon imagery. Tell your partner how much you love them, and they can remember your sweet message every time they see this jewelry box.


Customized Boxer Shorts

Valentine's Day Boxers

I Love You Boxer Shorts


These personalized boxer shorts are a great gift he can wear often. Don’t forget to add your name, so he’ll always think of your sweet gift when he wears them!


Personalized Photo Puzzle

Valentine's Day Photo Puzzle

Personalized Photo Puzzle With Tin


Show your sweetheart that they’re the puzzle piece that completes your life. Take your favorite picture of the two of you and we’ll produce a 130-piece jigsaw puzzle that you can construct and then display in your home. Be sure to add your names and your anniversary date for an extra-special item. This photo puzzle even comes with a lovely tin.


Customized Coffee Mug

Personalized Valentine's Mug

You Make My Heart Smile Mug


Some personalized Valentine’s Day gifts can be enjoyed every day! This adorable mug will feature a custom message you want to convey to your partner. They’ll love getting to drink their morning coffee from such a thoughtful mug. Choose from several different mug styles, sizes, and colors.


Property of Raglan Shirt

Cute Valentine's Day Shirt

Property of Raglan Shirt


Show the world that your partner is the only one in the world for you! This fun shirt gets the point across pretty easily. Choose from three different sleeve color options: navy, black, or red.


Romantic Garden Flag

Personalized Valentine's Day Garden Flag

Home Is Wherever I’m With You Garden Flag


This garden flag features a sweet message accompanied by adorable imagery. Choose whether you’d like the design printed on one side or both, and customize your garden flag with your name, your partner’s name, and the year you met or got married!


Our goal is to help you find personalized gifts that will allow you to personally say, “I love you” to your sweetheart.  To browse more personalized Valentine’s Day gifts, you can explore our large selection here.

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