Personalized Thanksgiving Decorations for a Festive Turkey Day

The last couple months of the year tend to be the most hectic. When Christmas music starts playing and lights are strung up, time seems to rapidly fly by. Christmas decorations are, of course, a big deal. But amidst all this chaos, Thanksgiving decorations can sometimes be neglected. This is unfortunate, since Thanksgiving ranks as America’s second-favorite holiday, and there are so many great decorations that could be put up to honor it. Interested in taking on a DIY project for your Thanksgiving decorations this year? This helpful guide will get you started with some great ideas.

We’ve also put together a quick list of wonderful personalized Thanksgiving decorations that are sure to draw compliments from November guests.

Engraved Recipe Box

Personalized Thanksgiving Decorations

Engraved Family Recipe Box


If someone in your family loves to cook, this personalized family recipes box is perfect for them. They can pull it out every Thanksgiving as well as many other times throughout the year. Customize it with their family name and this is an item that can be passed down generation after generation.

Personalized Platter

Customized Thanksgiving Platter

Personalized Thanksgiving Platter


Since the turkey is the perpetual symbol of Thanksgiving, it would stand to reason that the dish each family’s turkey is served on every November should be special, right? We surely think so! This Thanksgiving platter can be personalized with your family’s name and used year after year.


Fall Welcome Doormat

Personalized Fall Welcome Mat

Personalized Fall Welcome Doormat


Give a fitting welcome to this year’s Thanksgiving guests with this personalized doormat that is beautifully designed as a tasteful fall decoration. If you prefer a different type of design, you might like this doormat.


Engraved Pumpkin

Personalized Give Thanks Pumpkin

Engraved Give Thanks Pumpkin


Pumpkins are great decorations for more than just Halloween. This 100% resin pumpkin can be personalized with the recipients’ family name. Put it in your entryway, on your front step, or even as a centerpiece on your kitchen table.


Thankful For Apron

Personalized Thankful Apron

Personalized Thankful For Apron


This is the perfect item to wear while preparing the Thanksgiving feast each year. With “thankful for” followed by a personalized line (e.g. my children, my students), you can customize this apron just as the recipient would want it. With the option of adding up to thirty names to this apron, it could also be a great gift for grandma to show off all her grandkids every time she’s in the kitchen!

Looking for other personalized Thanksgiving decorations that can be given as unique gifts? Shop our collection!

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