Perfect Christmas Gifts for An Empty Nest

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It’s a day that parents may often think will never come. All of your children have moved out on their own and you are left with an empty nest. While new empty nesters may revel in all of their newfound freedom, it’s also important that we don’t forget about them!

It will take a while to get used to an empty nest since your once-bustling house is now much quieter. This change is felt most during the holiday season, when decorations are up and family is on everyone’s mind. Whether you are an empty nester or you just moved away from your parents, this less-crowded Christmas takes some getting used to.

Keep everyone in mind, even after they have all moved out, with a personalized gift that puts family first!

We’ve put together our top gifts for an empty nest that we think will help you ease into life without the kids at home. Additionally, here are some tips on how to thrive in your new empty nest status. Now let’s get to the gifts!

Personalized Family Wall Canvas

Personalized Word-Art Canvas

Family Word-Art Canvas


Display this piece for all guests to see; our custom wall canvas looks great in any room! Our exclusive word art design gives you the wheel and allows you to have creative control over how the end product will look. Pick a family name, any other names, symbols, color scheme, and even the orientation of the words! Represent everyone in the family with this great decoration.


Personalized Stemless Wine Glass

Custom Stemless Wine Glass

Time to Wine Down Stemless Wine Glass


With the kids out of the house, there will be more time to relax and kick back with a drink at the end of the night. Our “time to wine down” stemless wine glass really says it all. Personalize it with a name for a gift the empty nester you love will be able to cherish on many enjoyable evenings.


Personalized Luggage Tag

Custom Luggage Tag

Personalized Traveler Bag Tag


For many people, an empty nest means more opportunities to travel and see the world. Help those you love get their trips off to a stylish start with this personalized luggage tag. Colorful and easily distinguishable, this bag tag can be customized with the recipient’s name and address.


This Is Us Personalized Tapestry Throw

Personalized Throw Blanket

This Is Us Personalized Tapestry Throw


Cuddle up this winter with a warm blanket that will keep your beloved family on your mind. Our personalized blankets will be a favorite item to snuggle up with when it gets cold and proudly display during periods of warmer weather.


Personalized Family Names Picture Frame

Personalized Family Photo Frame

Custom Family Name Wood Frame


What better way to remind you of your loving family than a picture of you all together? Our engraved wooden picture frames are the perfect way to display your favorite family picture. With your last name etched above the picture and everyone’s first name engraved on the frame, this personalized frame is a touching way to decorate the home.


Personalized Home Sweet Home Welcome Doormat

Personalized Welcome Doormat

Personalized Home Sweet Home Welcome Doormat


This doormat can brighten up your loved ones’ mood every time they arrive back to their home sweet home. Personalization includes the recipients’ home city and state as well as their name. Choose between a gray and brown design. Our personalized doormats will be a cherished piece of indoor (or outdoor) decor for many years to come.


Our Nest Personalized Garden Stake

Personalized Garden Stake

Our Nest Personalized Garden Stake


Make sure everyone passing by knows that you are proud to have an empty nest! Whether you are hosting more get-togethers or starting up a garden, the possibilities are endless now that the kids have moved out! This wrought iron garden stake will look great alongside the shrubbery in your garden or yard.

Christmastime is the perfect time of year to give the empty nesters in your life something to remind them of their loving family. Make this holiday season a little warmer with a loving, personalized Christmas gift

If you’re looking for other unique ways to brighten the day of someone in your life, take a look at our selection of personalized gifts.

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