Personalized Night Lights

Moon & Stars Night Light

Unique Night Lights

Night lights were invented so we don’t have to be afraid of the dark! A little bit of light helps us see when making trips in the night to the bathroom or kitchen for a quick glass of water. Lighting the way also makes sure we don’t accidentally step on that toy left out in the hallway or stub our toe on the edge of the chair. Light up any room with a personalized night light designed by

Monogram Polka Dot Night Light


When it comes to a bedroom night light, Mom’s and Dad’s know how important it is to keep the kids feeling safe in their own beds. That little bit of shinning light helps the kids feel safe through the night so mom and dad can get their rest too. offers a collection of unique night lights that are designed to match a bedroom or nursery room like no other. Any night light that suits you may be personalized for your child.

New Baby Personalized Night Light

This night light is the perfect example to give your newborn baby a little light at night. It is available in a variety of colors so it is great for matching the nursery room decor and it may be personalized just for your baby. A night light like this becomes a great keepsake to enjoy well after your baby grows out of being afraid of the dark.

Bedroom Night Light

Any night light that you choose becomes a fun little keepsake for the kids to enjoy. Perfect for boys and girls, these night lights will make the kids feel safe at night and give them the little security they need.

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