What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

If you’ve got friends or family who are about to start parenthood, this is such an exciting time for them. If you’ve been lucky enough to score an invite to the baby shower, congratulations! The parents-to-be definitely consider you close with them. Finding the perfect personalized baby gift to give to expecting parents can be difficult in and of itself, but the true challenge is figuring out what to write in the baby shower card! We’ve put together some helpful tips and even some ideas for what to write in a baby shower card. cute baby shower gift basket

How to Find the Best Baby Shower Card

  • Finding the right card can be as challenging as finding the right gift. Here are some tips on finding the best baby shower card:
  • Think about the parents-to-be. Depending on how well you know the parents-to-be, you will want to find a card that speaks to your relationship with them. If you work with one of them, and you typically interact only on a professional level, you will probably want to find a card that has a simple yet caring message. If you’ve been best friends since middle school, you can probably give them a funny card with a super-personal message. 
  • Consider the gift you’re giving. Try to coordinate your card with the gift. Think about colors and purpose. For example, if you’re giving the couple a blue personalized baby blanket with an elephant on it, then you might want to also give them a blue card with an elephant on it. Coordinating your card with the gift will have the parents-to-be smiling from ear to ear.

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Tips for Writing in a Baby Shower Card

After you’ve got the gift and found the perfect card, you’ll need to write a message in it. While you might be tempted to leave the card blank, you should always write a small message in it. It makes the card more personal! Here are some tips for writing in a baby shower card.

  • Tie in your relationship. Include a message about your relationship with the parents-to-be. As with picking out the card, keeping the message you include in it relevant to your relationship with them will prevent you from stepping over any lines or making anyone uncomfortable. baby shower gifts
  • Write something about the gift you’re giving. Include why you got them that particular gift, if you’ve used something like it or if your own child has used it before. Explaining the purpose behind your gifts can make them seem much more personal, and it will make the parents-to-be even more grateful!
  • Wish everyone well. A baby shower is about welcoming a new life into the world, so write a message of well-wishes! Mentioning that you’re hoping for a smooth birth or a healthy baby can go a long way for the parents-to-be. Some parents – especially moms – feel heightened anxiety during pregnancy, so giving them a message with well-wishes will remind them they have a large support group in their corner!

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Baby Shower Card Ideas

Now to the fun part: the baby shower card ideas! When you’re really struggling with what to write, check out some of these ideas and adjust them to fit.

  • “Hoping for a smooth birth for you and baby [name]!”
  • “Wishing for a happy and healthy baby for you!”
  • “Parenthood might seem scary, but you have a huge support group behind you. Can’t wait to meet baby [name]!” outdoor baby shower
  • “Congrats on your little [sex of baby]!” 
  • “Remember when I was a baby and you had to help Mom change me every few hours because I always burped up baby food on my clothes? Well, hopefully having an extra custom baby onesie around will make sure you always have a change of clothes on hand!”
  • “This little one is going to have such an amazing family!”
  • “Thank you for including us in your celebration! We can’t wait to meet baby [name]. We hope you all get so much use out of this gift!”
  • “Double the trouble or double the fun? Either way, having twins is going to be an experience you’ll never forget!” 
  • “Lots of love and excitement for your new bundle of joy! Feel free to add me to the babysitting list if you ever need to.”
  • “I added some extra Tide pods in your gift because I know how much you’re going to need them!”
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