Outdoor Toys for Less!


Now that the weather is finally nice, everyone wants to be outside. Whether you’re sitting at your desk longing for some activity, or actually playing outside with your kids, outdoor toys are a must in the summertime. There are a bunch of ways to save on outdoor toys! Here are a few:

1. When to buy? In fact, August is the best time to buy your toys. The deals are amazing, and a lot of outdoor toys go on sale!

2. What’s worth it? Check out the customer reviews before you buy the item! Usually they are pretty reliable and help you get an idea if it’s worth the buy. Also, look for toys you can use indoors too, so you can get the most usage out of them.

3. Buy secondhand toys! If it still works, why not use it? Garage sales and eBay are a great place to find used toys that can be reused. Your kids won’t even know the difference!

4. DIY Outdoors- Bins and baby bathtubs make awesome pools! Get creative and use what you have around the house and double them as outdoor toys. It’ll save you money.

For some more ideas to save, click here.

What’s your favorite outdoor toy?

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