How to Decorate for Christmas

Unsure of how to turn your home into a picturesque winter wonderland? Don’t fret. We’ve got the best tips to help you make your home look like a scene out of your favorite Christmas movie! 

christmas gifts under the tree

String Lights Everywhere! String lights are your best friend during the holiday season. They come in many different colors and shapes so you can find what best matches your decorating style! Are you all about clean lines and minimalism? Go for some ice-white LED lights with short bulbs that brighten up the space. Looking for a more retro 1980s vibe? Purchase some classic multi-colored lights with candle-shaped bulbs.

Don’t Leave the Tree Bare. A Christmas tree is the place to put decorations that have some type of sentimental value to your life. Hang some personalized ornaments to represent the members of your family (furry and human!). There are plenty of options to choose from–sports, romance, graduation and even some for hobbies! And don’t forget about the area under the tree! Cover your personalized Christmas gifts in beautiful wrapping paper in your chosen color palette to complete the stylish setup.

Remember the Other Rooms. Adding small decorations in other rooms, such as the guest room or the office, can add Christmas ambiance to your living space. Include a monogrammed towel in Christmas colors or a red-and-green throw pillow. Your guests will notice the Christmas spirit everywhere in your home they go!

Make the Stockings the Centerpiece. Stockings are some of the best decorating tools you have at your disposal during the holiday season. Find a focal point in your living room or den, such as the mantel or a shelf, and hang the stockings there! Purchase personalized stockings for your loved ones and keep the decor around them simple. Guests’ eyes will naturally travel to the stockings, which won’t get swallowed up by miscellaneous knickknacks if you keep them out of the way. 

Establish a Color Scheme. Not a fan of the traditional red and green? That’s okay! Regardless of the holiday colors you choose, make sure they complement each other, and stick to them around the house. Your guests will appreciate the seamless transition from room to room if they aren’t walking from a living room with blue and silver to a bathroom decorated in black and white. 

Get Glittery. Yes, you can incorporate glitter and sparkle without making a mess! Add small glitter pieces to your decor, such as sequin stockings or ornaments. Guests will notice them right away or when the light catches them. Make sure they’re supported by neutral items so that everyone’s eyes aren’t overwhelmed. 

personalized silver sequin stocking

Include the Outdoors. The tree doesn’t have to be the only outdoor item in your home. Purchase some pine cones, holly or other evergreen pieces that make you think of Christmas and include them in other areas of your home, such as the dining room or the bathroom. Just like Christmas trees, you can purchase artificial ones if the scents will overwhelm you or you have allergies. If you have children, you can go hunting for pine cones outside with them! Place your items in a festive tray or bowl to show them off. 

Use Your Walls. Have an underutilized wall? Transform it into a focal point by hanging a large sign with a Christmas quote on it! You can either let the sign hang on the wall by itself or you can add some smaller Christmas-themed pieces around it, such as reindeer, a sleigh or a holly garland. 

Get Your Garden Festive. Sure, you put up lights around the trim of your house and on your deck railing, and your husband laid out the giant inflatable snowman–but what about your backyard garden? Even if it snows at your home–or stays warm all year ’round–adding wintry personalized garden flags is a surefire way to enhance your home’s Christmas cheer!

personalized christmas burlap flag

Find a Theme. Find a way to keep all your rooms consistent this year. Pick a favorite Christmas movie (if you can), song or quote to center your decorations around! Using “Let it Snow” as your theme? Mainly use white and silver as your colors, drape cozy blankets around your living room and bedrooms and include items with the quote on walls and shelves.

No matter where you live, there are a variety of ways you can decorate your home for Christmas. We know that if you follow these suggestions, your home will be the go-to destination for Christmases to come!

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