What to Get Your Boss for Christmas

You’ve picked out all the Christmas gifts for your friends, family, pets and significant other. As you check off names on your list, you realize you forgot to pick something up for your boss! You don’t want to cross the line of professionalism, but you want to let your boss know you are thankful for all they’ve done for you during the year. Don’t worry! We’ve got some great gift ideas for your boss for Christmas. 

The Best Friend. In some cases, especially in small, family-owned businesses, you really are best friends with your boss. In this case, a personalized picture frame with a picture of the two of you is perfectly appropriate. Not only will it remind them of the memory, but it shows how much you value being a part of the team!

personalized picture frame for friends

The Note-Taker. Does your boss take lots of notes during group and individual meetings? Are they always writing down ideas or drafting sketches of products and event layouts? Purchase a personalized leather notebook as their Christmas gift. They’ll be so thankful you noticed their note-taking habit! 

The One Who’s Always Freezing. For some reason, the office is always cold. No amount of cardigans or sweatshirts fixes it, and safety just sent out an email that space heaters are a fire hazard so your boss has been keeping her door shut to try and keep her office warm. Purchase a cozy, personalized blanket to ensure she stays warm this winter. She can wrap it around her shoulders or just lay it over her lap when she gets cold. Pop your head into her office to take stock of her color scheme and find one that either matches or complements it! It’ll blend right in as a part of the decor. 

The One Who Travels. Every year, she goes on a week-long vacation to places you only dream of–and she brings back souvenirs, too. Show her that you pay attention to how often she travels by purchasing her a monogrammed tote bag with pockets. She can use it for quick day trips or as a carry-on when she flies. The pockets will let her stash related items together without throwing them into the large pocket together. She’ll have easy access to her sunglasses, pens and keys without having to hunt for them!

The Boss Who Doesn’t Drink Anything but Coffee. Every time you see him, he’s holding a mug in his hand. Whether it’s when he’s walking into the building, going to the break room or just sitting at his desk, your boss can’t stop drinking the stuff. Purchase a personalized coffee mug that matches his personality or goes with his hobbies that he can take with him anywhere he goes. If he has a tendency to spill his coffee, find him a travel mug with a lid

engraved leatherette tumbler

The Organizer. If your boss is organized to the point that the items in her desk drawers and around her office are color-coded, you can’t go wrong with purchasing some fun personalized folders for her! She can take them with her to organize any loose-leaf papers she picks up at conferences, corporate events or luncheons. 

The Gardener. If your boss likes to garden–or at least if they take pride in their front yard–get them a garden flag! Try to find a personalized garden flag. Your boss will be so happy to add something unique to their yard while bolstering their collection of outdoor Christmas decor.

personalized christmas garden flag

The Animal Lover. Your boss loves to stop by your desk to show you the newest videos of her pup playing outside in the snow, so why not get her a personalized pet photo frame with her dog’s name on it? She’ll be ecstatic to have something hanging in her office so she can stare at her beloved pet whenever she misses her.

Picking out personalized Christmas gifts for your boss doesn’t have to be as stressful as it seems. Pick one of these items on our list that work well as gifts for work friends and we guarantee your boss will smile when they open your present at the holiday staff party!

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