Wondering What to Get Your Girlfriend for Christmas? Let This List Be Your Guide

Boyfriends, picture this: You’re sitting on the couch, staring at the television screen when your girlfriend mentions putting the Christmas tree up this weekend. Your palms get clammy and your forehead gets sweaty–you haven’t even started thinking about Christmas this year. And thinking about Christmas means thinking about–you guessed it–gifts. More specifically, a gift for your girlfriend. We get it! We’ve been there. No matter if it’s your first Christmas together or your 30th, finding the woman in your life something special for the holidays can seem overwhelming. Lucky for you, we’ve put together this great list of personalized gifts for her to help you find the right one. 

christmas gift for girlfriend

1. A Personalized Weekender Bag. If she travels a lot for work, attends sporting events or just likes to go places during her free time, she’ll need a bag to put her items in. Weekender bags aren’t too bulky, but they aren’t too small, either. She can fit everything she needs in this!

2. A Personalized Necklace. Jewelry is a great option because the sizing is a bit more universal than other items, like clothing. Purchasing a personalized necklace with her name, birthdate and birthstone shows her not only that you remember her birthday, but that it’s important to you–and that will show her how special she is to you.

3. An Engraved Tumbler. Is she always on-the-go? Adding an engraved tumbler to your list will add a personalized touch to an everyday item, like the cup she puts her to-go coffee in when leaving for work. 

4. A Personalized Jewelry Box with a Special Message. She’s going to need something to store that personalized necklace you purchased her! Add a personalized jewelry box to your order with a special message that reflects how much she means to you.

5. A Personalized Blanket to Cuddle in. A blanket is a great gift because you can share it together! You can use it while watching a movie, game or favorite television show. It can go on a couch, your bed or a chair.

6. An Item Representing Her Pet. Does she have a dog, cat or other pet? Get her something that represents the fur-baby(ies) in her life. She’ll love that you thought about them! A necklace is great because you can have one made to represent any of the pets she’s had in her life–past and present.

necklace with pet's name


7. A Keychain with Her Initials. Have you ever had to wait beside your girlfriend while she hunts for her car keys that somehow got lost in the void that is her purse? Buying her a keychain can help her find them easier! Adding a personalized touch to them, like a monogram, can help her identify them if she loses them.

8. A Personalized Apron. Does your girlfriend love to cook–or doesn’t because she always spills something on her favorite t-shirt? Give her a monogrammed apron this Christmas! You can even purchase yourself one so you can start cooking together. 

9. A Leather Journal. Give her something to write things down in. Many people use their journals to sketch, make to-do lists or make travel plans. Giving her a journal made with leather will ensure it stays strong, just like your relationship!

10. A Sleep Mask. If she always talks about not sleeping well at night, give her a personalized sleep mask this Christmas! She can use it when she travels, too. 

personalized sleep mask


11. An Engraved Bookmark. Does she love to read, or is she in school? Get her an engraved bookmark so she can keep her pages without having to dog-ear them! She’ll love that you thought about one of her hobbies. 

12. A Personalized Photo Frame. Have a photo from a photo session or vacation printed, put it in an engraved photo frame with your anniversary date on it and place it under the tree for her this year! She can add it to the photo collection in her office, hang it up at home or put it on her nightstand. 

Don’t forget: You’re going to need a fun personalized stocking to house all these great gifts! A stocking serves double-duty during Christmas time because it serves as something new for one year but can be added to the annual decor each year.

There’s no need to stress as you search for a Christmas gift for your girlfriend. Just follow this list and you’ll be on your way to Boyfriend of the Year in no time!

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