Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

The day is fast approaching. You’ve got a Halloween gathering to prepare for and so much to do. Don’t be too spooked: We’re here to give you some Halloween party decorating ideas for the big day. Also in need of some ideas for Halloween treats to make for your guests?

Here is a quick roundup of some Halloween decor theme ideas that could help take your party to the next level.

Skeletons & Skulls

Halloween Skull


Since the traditions that Halloween draws from today are essentially centered around the dead, it’s only fitting to decorate with skeletons and skulls. Depending on the types of skulls or skeletons you buy, you can create a creepy environment or one that’s more fun and playful.



Halloween Fog


Using a fog machine is a very effective way to add a spooky ambience to your party. This is an effect that many people might not think to use at their party, so you can really dazzle your guests this year with it. It’s a little bit pricey to get this all set up for one party, but you can think about it as an investment you can use throughout the Halloween season for years to come. 



Halloween Cobweb


Decorative cobwebs are another effective Halloween decor piece. Giving the impression that your home has been eerily vacant for a long period of time, you can put these pieces in places like your stairwell and your front door.


Fake Blood

Halloween Fake Blood


Probably not an idea you’ll want to entertain if there are going to be youngsters at your Halloween party, but fake blood is a great way to up the creepiness factor for your gathering. The best part? You can easily make various types of fake blood with ingredients you probably already have at home. Have a blast splattering it for a fun effect!



Halloween Jack-O-Lantern


Curious about how the tradition of carving jack-o’-lanterns got started? Read this fascinating brief history. Since jack-o’-lanterns are practically the quintessential Halloween decoration, you can’t really go wrong with them as part of your party decor. Depending on how you carve them, you can also convey various types of moods. For example, you could use humor in your carvings or try instead to make them foreboding and scary.

We hope you found these Halloween party decorating ideas useful! If you’re looking for more, check out this great guide to DIY Halloween decorations. Most of all, have a wonderful time at your party and any other Halloween activities this year. After all, it’s too fun of a holiday to not live it up.

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