Fun Halloween Shirts to Wear This Year (For the Whole Family!)

One of the first things that comes to mind about Halloween is that lots of people wear costumes and go trick-or-treating or to parties. This is one of the most fun parts of the holiday, but such a great holiday shouldn’t only be embraced on one day each year! Whether you’re shopping for some Halloween apparel for your little ones to sport in the weeks leading up to the spooky holiday or for a grandma whose costume-wearing years are behind her, we can help you find just what you need. Check out some of our favorite fun Halloween shirts, with options for every member of the family!

Halloween Shirts for Grandma and Grandpa

Whether Grandma and Grandpa love to be festive around Halloween or they’re looking for something to wear while they hand out candy or take their grandkids trick-or-treating, we have some apparel that will be great for them to wear in October!

grandma's boo crew halloween shirt

Grandmas love showing off their grandkids, and this “Boo Crew” shirt does so in a delightfully silly way. You can add up to 30 “ghosts” with personalizations for each of her grandkids.

grandma's pumpkin patch sweatshirt

Since October can be a cooler month for some, Grandma will love being able to stay warm yet festive sweatshirt. This personalized Pumpkin Patch sweatshirt can feature up to thirty pumpkins so Grandma can make sure all her little ones are included. 

personalized jack-o'-lantern shirt

Grandpa will love answering the door and giving the trick-or-treaters a little scare of delight with this fun personalized pumpkin face shirt. We also have a personalized pumpkin t-shirt for kids so Grandpa and his grandchild can match while out searching for the best pumpkin to win the family jack-0-lantern competition. 

Halloween Shirts for Mom and Dad

daddy's tricks or treats halloween shirt

No matter if Dad is in charge of handing out the candy or tagging along for the trick-or-treating fun, he needs a shirt to get into the spooky, festive spirit. This fun Daddy’s Tricks & Treats shirt is a great way for dad to have some fun with his shirt picking out a Halloween character for each of his little ones.

personalized witch halloween shirt for mom

Mom will be pretty busy in the days leading up to Halloween between making sure everyone has their costume and double-checking that there’s enough candy for the trick or treaters. Help her cross one task off her list by finding a festive Halloween shirt she can wear on Halloween. This fun shirt will let everyone she sees know just who has her under their spell.

mom's lil' pumpkins sweatshirt

If Mom is staying home to greet all the trick-or-treaters, she’ll love getting to be festive yet stay warm in the cool weather with a personalized sweatshirt proudly showing off all her lil’ pumpkins. This 100% cotton sweatshirt can be personalized with up to 30 pumpkins so all of Mom’s little ones can be included.

Halloween Shirts for the Kids or Grandkids

glow-in-the-dark boys' halloween shirt

The little dude in your life will love getting to wear this ghostly cool glow-in-the-dark shirt. He can play with the lights off and you’ll see the ghost move around the room as he gets into the Halloween spirit.

glow-in-the-dark girls' halloween shirt

Give the cool cat in your life a fun glow-in-the-dark shirt she can wear to all of her fun Halloween activities. Mom and Dad will easily be able to keep track of her thanks to the cute cat that glows in the dark. She’ll love this shirt so much she’ll wear it long after Halloween is over!

baby's first halloween creeper

Baby’s first Halloween is a fun milestone in their first year that should be celebrated all month long. A personalized onesie is a great gift to wear for all the family’s fun Halloween activities, like going to the pumpkin patch for the first time!

kids' pumpkin shirt

This personalized and adorable pumpkin face shirt is a must-have for the little ones to make their pumpkin patch and jack-o’-lantern-carving adventures that more adorable. This shirt also is a great option for their fun fall parties with their class to get them into the festive Halloween spirit.

personalized witch girls' t-shirt

Help your little girl get into the festive Halloween spirit throughout the month of October with a fun personalized shirt. She’ll feel positively bewitching during all her fun Halloween activities while wearing this shirt.

Halloween Apparel for the Dog

dog bandana for halloween

Don’t forget to outfit the furriest member of the family too! In addition to this personalized dog shirt which can feature a pink or green design to help keep your pup warm during the cooler October weather, we also have a word-art Halloween bandana your pooch can wear!

We have lots of other fun Halloween apparel options you can explore to find the perfect one for you or the recipient you’re shopping for! Our Halloween shirts for adults are just as fun as our options for kids and babies.

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