9 Unique Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation season is upon us! Whether it’s your child, a friend’s child or a family member, you should definitely give them a gift. It shows the graduate how proud you are of their academic accomplishment and how excited you are to watch them navigate this new chapter of adulthood. Here are some great graduation gift ideas for the graduate in your life!

For the High School Graduate

Graduating high school is a monumental achievement. While a majority of high schoolers go onto college, others choose vocational schools or go directly into the workforce. Here are some gift ideas they’ll find useful for their transition. 

  • Kitchen Supplies: For graduates who will be living on their own for the first time, give them some kitchen supplies! Consider a plate or drinkware set, a cutlery set or some dish towels. For the high school graduate transitioning to college, add in an ice cream scoop, can opener or even a knife set.
  • Microwaveable Dessert Mixes: A little taste of home is perfect for the high school graduate leaving for college. On the days when they can’t get to the dining hall because of bad weather, heating up a cake-in-a-mug will be a great way for them to snuggle up in bed between classes. 
  • Photo Frames: No matter what plan the high school graduate has, they could always use some new photo frames. Whether they use it to fill with memories of their high school friends or put it aside for new memories made in the future, it’s up to them. Our photo frames can be perfect personalized gifts to give a graduate.
  • Coffee Mugs: This is a no brainer for high school graduates, especially the ones who are transitioning into college life. Their days and nights will need caffeine to fuel their learning, so coffee mugs are perfect! Consider purchasing mug sets to go along with a theme they pick for their dorm room, if they have one. You could also find some in their favorite color or with pictures of their favorite animals on them. class of graduation travel mug

For the College Graduate

Most college graduates are either transitioning to graduate school or full-time work. Consider giving them some of these gifts as they move into this chapter of their life.

  • Blanket Rack: Blanket racks are perfect for college graduates who are moving into a new apartment. Typically wooden or metal ladders, blanket racks are great storage space savers for all the different throw blankets a person has. It’s a great way to show off the blankets without hiding them in a closet or in a cedar chest. Consider gifting them one of our unique custom blankets hung over one of the rungs for a special addition to your gift. 
  • Monogrammed Desk Items: Make a work-based gift basket filled with monogrammed items, such as a mouse pad, laptop case and notebook. Even though a lot of companies provide their new hires with items they will need at their desk, it’s nice to have some items of your own to make the workspace feel cozier. Having some personalized items does just that. Your graduate will be so glad to have some desk items to turn their new office space into their own.
  • Plants: Plants are always a good gift option, regardless of circumstances. Even if the graduate doesn’t have the first clue about taking care of a plant, it’s a great opportunity for them to learn. For the amateur green thumb, consider a small succulent or snake plant – something that doesn’t need much water to grow and can even be kept at the office. For the graduate who majored in plant biology, you can consider a more intricate plant that requires a specific environment to sustain itself.
  • Gift Certificate: Not all college graduates have jobs right away. Consider giving them some gift certificates to grocery stores or local restaurants they can use when money gets tight. Sometimes the best gifts are practical, and your graduate will appreciate you thinking about them during their transition period!
  • Ornaments: Your college graduate might be getting the chance to have their first Christmas tree this year – in their own apartment! Consider giving them a commemorative personalized ornament for their graduation. They’ll be able to add a personalized touch to their Christmas tree this year. class of graduation ornament

Graduating is a momentous occasion. Show your graduate how proud you are by gifting them something personal – and don’t forget to give them a card with some words of encouragement!

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