28 Spectacular Gift Ideas for Your Sister

spectacular gift ideas for your sisterA relationship between sisters is special. Whether she’s older than you, younger than you, a sister from another marriage or your soul sister, a family bond between two women is tough to break. Show her how much you love her with a unique sister gift! We’ve put together a list of all our favorite personalized gifts that your sister is sure to love. 

For the Book Lover

Your book-loving sister probably has stacks and stacks of books lying around. Here are some great gift ideas for your sister who’s always browsing her local bookstore!

  • A subscription to a monthly book delivery service. Book subscriptions are becoming all the rage these days. They send out a new book each month – and some even send additional items, such as stationery, pens, bookmarks and mugs! Your sister will love the subscription because it will challenge her to finish each book before the next one arrives. 
  • A set of personalized bookmarks. Readers often debate about whether or not to dog-ear a book page. Some claim it’s blasphemy and can lead to the book losing its value. Others feel it gives the book more character, especially for more vintage items. Regardless, a book lover won’t say no to a set of personalized bookmarks! Match them to her favorite colors, flowers or other objects. You can even have them monogrammed for her!
  • A book-lover t-shirt. Book lovers love to show their pride! A t-shirt that depicts her love of words is a great personalized gift to give her. We recommend that if you aren’t sure of her shirt size, go a size up from what you think. That way, if it’s bigger than she anticipates, she can always wear it as a nightshirt, tie up one of the corners or she can put it in the dryer to shrink it a bit. flowers and gifts for sister

For the Fashionista

Does your sister love style? Maybe she’s dedicated to learning all the latest fashion trends, updating her personal style TikTok and showing off her looks on Instagram. If this sounds like your sister, here are some great gift ideas for her!

  • A Sister Charm Bracelet. A sweet and sentimental charm bracelet is a beautiful way to say thank you for always being there. She’s your shoulder to cry on, your fellow ice cream eater, the ideal partner-in-crime… What would you do without her? She’ll love the sentimentality behind the beautiful piece of jewelry. Plus, she can show it off on social media!

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  • A personalized coat. Treat your sister to a personalized coat with her name embroidered across the back! It’ll be such a fun item for her to show off and pair with other items in her closet. Try going for a neutral color so that it can work with everything she already owns. You want her to get the most use out of it! 
  • A jewelry box. Your sister deserves to store her fine jewelry in a place equally as fine! A jewelry box with intricate details is the perfect gift for your sister. Have her name or initials etched into the lid to make it even more personal! She will love having it on her vanity or her dresser. gifts for photographer sister

For the Photographer

If your sister is a professional photographer, or she loves the art and does it as a hobby, why not shower her with photography-related gifts? Here are some great gift ideas for your photographer sister. 

  • A ‘sister’ photo frame. Remember in middle school when all you would do was karaoke on your bed and take hundreds of fun photos? Bring those memories to life with a sister photo frame! We have a variety of picture frames that make for a perfectly unique photo gift. Whether you choose glass or wood, we have a personalized picture frame for everyone. 
  • A new camera lens. Photographers, especially professional ones, have a variety of camera lenses they use to capture different types of photos. The lens a photographer uses is crucial to their photos. It can determine their quality and overall look! Ensuring your sister has great camera lenses to choose from will show her that you care about her artistry and want her to get the best photos. camera lens
  • A personalized camera bag. Because she’s going to have all these different lenses to carry around, she needs somewhere to store them while she’s hosting photography sessions! For quick access, most photographers carry fanny packs, shoulder bags or even backpacks with their different items. Why not get your sister a personalized camera bag? If she has a photography business name, have that embroidered onto it, or use her initials or a favorite quote she has. She’ll love it!
  • A photography class. Photographers love taking extra classes! They get the chance to learn new skills, network with other photographers and grow their portfolios. Give your sister a space in a local photography class – or go for gold with a professional online class from industry pros – and watch her use her new skills with joy!

For the Cook

Cooking is one of life’s greatest activities. We have to eat, so why not enjoy the process? If your sister loves to cook, or is trying to up her game in the kitchen, why not get her one of these great gifts?

  • An apron. Does your sister love to cook or bake? Even if she doesn’t, it’s always a good idea to have an apron around! They keep the clothes you’re wearing free of flour, dirt and other household materials. It’s always a good time to bring them back in style! Your sister will love a sweet, personalized apron to wear around her home. gifts for sister who cooks
  • A cookbook. While a majority of recipes are available online these days, there’s nothing like reading a recipe straight off a page from a cookbook. Cooking is about the experience, and part of that experience includes reading a recipe! If she’s learning a new cooking style or wants to add to her recipe repertoire, get her a cookbook. 
  • A cookbook stand. She needs somewhere to place all those cookbooks while she cooks! The rest of us just make do with placing the book on the counter, but putting it on a cookbook stand will save her counter space and time – plus make her feel like a pro!
  • A set of monogrammed cooking tools. Spatulas, measuring cups, ladles, tongs… She will use a variety of tools during her time in the kitchen. Why not get her a set of personalized cooking tools to use while cooking? Consider the colors she uses in her kitchen when ordering so her tools look cohesive with her overall design.
  • A pasta maker. There’s just something special about homemade pasta. While she might normally roll out the pasta dough and cut strips with her pizza cutter, why not start making professional-grade pasta with a pasta maker? If she has a professional mixer already, you can purchase the pasta attachment, or you can get a stationary one for her to use.

For the Self-Care Queen

Some of us are better at self-care than others. If your sister is constantly sending you selfies of her enjoying a relaxing massage or taking a mental health day, here are some gifts that she’s sure to love!

  • A set of bath bombs. She deserves to pamper herself! Give her a set of bath bombs to relax with while she unwinds from the day. Make it a kit with some nail polish, lip scrub and a face mask. She can sit back, enjoy a glass of wine and escape the stress of the day!
  • A painted planter. There’s a pretty good chance your self-care-loving sister already knows about all the benefits of having plants in her home. A painted planter is perfect for her! You can even paint it yourself for a special touch. Use her favorite colors, add a fun pattern and give it to her to use for one of her current plants, or send her a new one to add to her collection.
  • A comfy robe. She’ll need something to curl up in after she’s finished with her relaxing bath! A robe will be soft and cozy for her to lounge around in throughout her relaxing days and nights. She can sit down and enjoy a nice rom-com after her bath to finish out the night, all while lounging in her soft robe! Get her a pair of matching slippers for a uniquely personal set. self-care gifts for sister

For the Health Nut

If your sister prides herself on her healthy lifestyle (we’re jealous!), then get her one of these perfect gifts. 

  • A personalized water bottle. Your sister probably drinks well over the recommended amount of water per day. Give her a personalized water bottle to drink from! While we all have our favorites, it’s important she has some additional water bottles to switch out while she washes her other ones. 
  • A yoga mat. If her yoga mat is getting a little worse for the wear, why not get her a new one? Consider finding one with extra cushioning, especially if she does her yoga from home instead of in a studio or gym. 
  • An herb garden. Herb gardens are great for anyone with a healthier lifestyle. There’s a chance she cooks all her meals from home, and freshly grown herbs and spices definitely increase the flavor of her meals. She’ll love having it within reach as she concocts her newest vegan-keto-dish!

For the Traveler

When she jet-sets all over the world, there are a few things she’s going to need. Any of these gifts are perfect for the sister who loves traveling! woman standing by water with umbrella

  • A personalized tote bag. Perfect as a carry-on for the plane, or to store her island finds on the family summer cruise, a personalized tote bag will hold all her items. It’s lightweight and folds well into luggage, too!
  • A blank journal. A blank journal is perfect for the sister who loves to travel! She can glue in photos from her trip, make notes about what she loved at each place and even keep track of flights and travel plans, all in her blank journal. Bonus points if you have it monogrammed with her initials!
  • A pair of shower shoes. While you probably think shower shoes are only for college students, they’re actually beneficial to frequent travelers! Even though hotels clean their bathrooms between guests, if your sister is more of a traveler-on-a-budget, there’s a chance she’s staying in some hostels or even Airbnbs. She’ll never want to chance it in shared showers! Shower shoes are perfect to add to her toiletry bag. 
  • An umbrella. She won’t want to get caught in the rain, and sometimes a rain jacket isn’t enough when it’s pouring. A sturdy umbrella will really come in handy on all of her travels!
  • An ornament. Commemorate her favorite travels – or the ones you went on together – with a unique personalized ornament! Add a photo of the two of you, or include the year of your trip. gifts for sister who travels

For the Crafty Sister

Your crafty sister probably loves all things art, picking up hobbies right and left. Here are some gift ideas perfect for the crafty sister!

  • A gift card. What better gift for your crafty sister than a gift card to her favorite craft store? She can choose her favorite crafting supplies and you won’t need to stress about finding the right items. 
  • A wine-and-paint night. Stock up on the merlot, break out the paintbrushes and get crafting! Choose a simple landscape or image for the two of you to paint. Make sure you have enough of each color for the both of you. Make it a fun event by bringing close friends over to have some more snacks and a contest to see who can paint the best. You bring the wine glasses, she’ll bring the fun! 
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