10 Doggone Gifts for Dog Lovers

In the market for a gift for a dog lover? Pets are family, and so anyone who has a dog… Well, chances are you know about it – they post pictures, share funny stories and have probably complained a time or two about a ruined throw pillow! Either way, dog lovers aren’t afraid to shower their affinity for their dog or any dogs for that matter. Here are some of our favorite gifts to give the dog lovers in your life.

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An Ornament: Including their dog in the holiday festivities is important! With so many cute photo ops in front of the Christmas tree or out in the snow, a personalized dog ornament is perfect for anyone you know with a dog. Some of our favorite ideas for personalization include the dog’s name, the year you’re giving the gift, the year they adopted the dog or even a photo! We love photo ornaments because you can choose exactly which adorable photo you’d like to have on it. 

A Treat Jar: There’s a pretty good chance all of the dog lovers you know have a dog who loves a good treat. Who doesn’t? They will definitely need their own unique treat jar. Plus, it looks great in photos and sitting on the kitchen counter. A treat jar gives a stylish twist to their treats. 

A Personalized Dog Mat: Some dogs are messy eaters. It’s part of their charm! Any of the dog lovers you know will appreciate a dog mat to place down near their dogs’ dishes. It’ll keep the floor clean when they drink water or eat their food. Plus, it’s much easier to get stains out of the mat than out of hardwood! dog under blanket

A Blanket with Their Dog’s Name on It: Both the dog and the owner can get use out of this one! A large, cozy and plush blanket with their dog’s name on it is one of the best personalized pet gifts to give! They can curl up while watching a movie or place it in the dog’s bed for something to lie on. Our gifts can be personalized with info like names, gotcha-dates or hometowns. They’ll love it!

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A Set of Garden Stones: Unfortunately, our four-legged best friends don’t live forever. When they do pass on to the Rainbow Bridge, you’ll want something to remember them by! A set of garden stones is a great idea to memorialize your dog. Place them in your backyard, near the walking path to your front door or in a dish garden to show your love and fondness towards your pet.

A Pet Stocking: There are so many ways to include the dogs in the holidays. Why not get them a pet stocking? Any friends and family who have dogs definitely need a pet stocking. Add the dog’s name or initials for a fun addition to the holiday decorations!

A Picture Frame: There can never be enough photos of the puppers around! You’ve probably seen how many photos your dog-lover friends and family post on their social media or have hanging around the house. Get them a personalized dog photo frame to add to the collection! Bonus points if you include a printed photo of their dog. It adds a special touch!

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A Set of Wind Chimes: Looking for a unique gift that your dog lover friends probably don’t have? Get them a set of personalized wind chimes! We even have wind chimes you can add a photo to, which is perfect for all the dog lovers you know! They’re also great as pet memorial gifts. In fact, archaeologists have indicated that the earliest uses of wind chimes were to ward away evil spirits. They’ll love knowing their pupper is helping to keep them safe and happy in their home. 

personalized pet memorial wind chimes

A Funny T-shirt: Let them show off their love for their dog with a funny t-shirt! With so many colors, phrases and personalization options, your dog-loving friends and family will love any of our personalized t-shirts. You can even add in a matching personalized coffee mug to create a cute gift set tailored to them! 

A Leash Holder: Multiple dogs means multiple leashes! Give them a leash holder to hang on their wall. They can even use it to hang their keys! They’ll never realize how important it is to have a leash within easy reach until they have a leash holder available. They can hang it right next to the front door or by their back door for easy access.

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