8 A+ Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

As the school year draws to a close, it’s important to show your kids’ teachers some love and appreciation. They do a lot to ensure your kids learn in an engaged, exciting way. This year, move away from the standard coffee mug with an apple painted on it and try some of our unique teacher appreciation gift ideas!

When you give your child’s teachers their gifts, don’t forget to include a card! Make sure you mention how thankful you are for how well they taught your child this year. Include some well wishes for the summer and the following year, plus why you think the gifts you’re giving are useful for them. Consider some of the following messages:

  • “You’ve been an EXTRA special teacher!” (if you give a pack of Extra gum)
  • “We’re BURSTING with appreciation for you!” (if you give some Starburst)
  • “We hit the TARGET to have you as a teacher!” (if you’re including a gift card to Target)
  • “Leaving a NOTE to say you’ve been the best teacher to our child!” (if you’re leaving a notebook)

Individual Teacher Gifts

Unsure what individual gifts you can give your child’s teachers this year? Here are some ideas!

  • Bookends: Most teachers have at least one bookshelf in their classroom. Consider giving them some bookends at the end of the year to use to keep their books organized and from falling over on the bookshelves! Your child’s teachers would love to have some decorative bookends to help them organize their books. 
  • Gift Cards: A gift card goes a long way for teachers! You can choose something from a store they might frequent for their classrooms, such as an arts and crafts store, or you can give them a gift card from a local restaurant they might grab some dinner from one evening with their loved ones. Gift cards pair great with other teacher gifts, too, like a sweatshirt or nameplate. Hide them inside of mugs or books to give the gift a surprise effect!                                               
  • Homemade Treats: Giving your child’s teachers a tin of home-baked goods will make their day! Everyone loves a good homemade goodie, such as cookies or brownies. Check with your child’s teachers to see if they have any food allergies or dietary restrictions. Browse the internet for some health-conscious baked good recipes, too – there are lots of ways to substitute for different ingredients, and your child’s teachers will be so appreciative that you considered their dietary needs. It’s also a great way to get the kids involved – they can help you bake and decorate!
  • Personalized Glassware: If you decide to purchase a drinkware gift for your child’s teacher, ensure it’s personalized! Nothing makes someone feel more appreciated than when they receive a personalized gift. Consider a wine glass or a monogrammed decanter, and fill it with their favorite treats!

Themed Teacher Gift Baskets

A great gift option is a themed gift basket! They are perfect if you want to include a variety of small gifts in one large package, plus you can tailor them to each individual teacher – or give all the teachers the same items. Here are some of our favorite themed gift basket ideas. 

  • School Supplies: Teachers can never use enough hand sanitizer, tissues or disinfectant wipes. Fill a gift basket with the school supply necessities, including some writing utensils, lined paper and even a stapler. Consider adding travel-sized items for your child’s teacher to keep in their desk so they have some of their own supplies. 
  • Food & Drink: For a food and drink gift basket, pick a theme, such as desserts, Italian or coffee, and fill a gift basket with items related to that food or drink. Include spices, homemade treats or even one of our unique personalized travel mugs!personalized teacher travel mug
  • Colors: If you know your child’s teacher’s favorite color, consider creating a gift basket filled with items of that color! You can use that shade of tissue paper or find a basket of that color.
  • Sustainability: If you want to encourage your child’s teachers to go green, consider giving them a gift basket filled with goodies that can make it easier to employ sustainable options in the classroom! Add some organic items or some items made out of recycled materials. 

Figuring out what to get your child’s teachers doesn’t have to be hard! Taking the time to put together a thoughtful gift will really show them how much you appreciate the time they spent teaching your children this year.

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