What to Get Someone Who Has Everything

what to get someone who has everythingSometimes, it just feels like your friends and family have it all. When it comes to Christmas time, birthdays or any other occasion where you’d give them a gift, you struggle to find one for them. They have everything already, right? You want to be sure whatever you give them is something they don’t have or that someone else hasn’t given them yet. We put together a list of some of our favorite personalized gifts that will delight even the person who has everything!

embroidered monogram sherpa blanket

Personalized Blankets

There is no such thing as “too many blankets.” People who live in the coldest of climates will agree, and even those who live in warmer areas know how cold it can get when the AC blasts at 70 degrees consistently (especially in the office!). Give them a unique personalized blanket to wrap themselves in! Here are some of our favorites:

A blanket with their face on it: That’s right, we make those. Some of our personalized blankets are photo blankets, where you can upload your favorite photo and we’ll print it on the blanket. Choose a photo of your friend from either your stash or from their social media (funny selfies preferred!) and use it as the focal point for one of our many photo blankets. Your friend will have a ball with it!

A blanket for the baby: If your friend just had a baby, why not get them a personalized baby blanket? You can include the baby’s name, birthdate or a sweet phrase for the parents to gush over. Your friend will love that you included their child in the mix as well! Plus, who doesn’t love to spoil a baby?

A blanket for the happy couple: If your friend just got engaged or married, a personalized blanket with their anniversary date is perfect! We have blankets in a variety of materials and styles that will fit with any decor theme in a couple’s home. You can find something for everyone! Our favorites are sherpa with the embroidery in the corner–subtle, simple and stylish!

A blanket for the back porch: Not all blankets are made for the same things. A blanket that your friend will use outside will need to be a little heavier and more durable than felt or sherpa. It needs to be able to withstand the elements–and not be eaten by bugs! Find your friend a blanket that is specifically made for outdoor use. They’ll love to have the extra blanket to use when they sit on the back porch! personalized blanket over the back of the couch

A blanket with their pet on it: If they love their pet more than anything else in the world, why not get them a blanket with their furry friend featured on it? Take any one of their photos of their fur baby and add it to our pet photo blankets. You can also have their pet’s name embroidered on the corner of our other blankets, like our cable knit sherpa blankets!

A blanket with a puzzle on it: Since we have a personalized blanket for everyone, we even have them for the game night families! If your friend or family member loves to play board games or do crossword puzzles, we have a unique crossword puzzle sherpa blanket that you can personalize with their last name and the names of everyone in the family! Our online personalization tools let you see what the blanket will look like after you add your message or names.

A blanket for the back of the couch: Some use blankets as decor items to give the back of their couch an extra level of flair. Give them a fun blanket with a unique pattern on it to switch out with their regular decorative blanket this year. Our favorite pattern is plaid, but a blanket with word art or a holiday design works well, too!

Personalized Picture Frames

Pictures really are worth a thousand words. Sometimes, the best thing you can give the person who seems to have everything is a picture. Pictures are how we capture memories and relive them, too. They’re nicely accented when you give them in a unique personalized picture frame! Here are some of our favorite picture frames that will be great to give everyone you love.

A wooden photo frame: Wood photo frames are perfect for rustic decor styles. They add a natural element perfect for farmhouses or other natural styles. Our wooden frames feature a variety of personalization styles–from romantic to family to memorial, you’re sure to find one that is perfect for everyone. 

A glass photo frame: We like to think of glass photo frames as the frames where you add the most special of photos. Graduation? Glass. Birth of a new baby? Glass. That bridal portrait of the two of you resting your foreheads together? Definitely put it in the glass frame. With beautiful engraving, our glass photo frames will ensure your perfect photos stay pristine for years to come.  personalized glass picture frame

A photo frame for the family vacation: The summer of 2005 was the most memorable family cruise you’ve been on, right? Bring that vacation to life by getting a photo from it printed and framed. The laughs won’t stop coming as soon as they open their gift and see what event you’ve chosen to commemorate!

A photo frame for their favorite sport: Have a friend who loves to play golf, basketball, football or another sport? Why not get them a personalized photo frame for it? If they have an old photograph of them playing the sport (or maybe a recent one if they play recreationally!), or if their kids play it, then they’ll definitely be able to put it on display somewhere in their home. 

A photo frame for their office: Every desk needs a little personalization! Even the most standard of desks could use a little decoration. Give them a sweet, simple personalized frame to put a favorite picture in. They’ll love getting to spruce their workspace up a bit. Give them a small potted plant to go with it, and their desk will have a whole new look! engraved paw prints picture frame

A photo frame to show off their pet: Just like we have blankets for everyone, we have picture frames for everyone–including the fur babies! With so many styles and designs to choose from, you’ll want to get them one of each! Whether they own a dog, cat, lizard or even a snake, a photo frame with their pet’s name on it will score you major friend points. 

A completely custom photo frame: Have an inside joke or line from a movie that you share with them? We have custom message frames just for that! No matter what your message is, our message frames have the space for you to engrave exactly what you’re looking for. This is perfect for when you just can’t seem to find one that fits your friend or family member to a T.

Photo frames for the whole family: When we say we have personalized frames for everyone, we mean it! From Grandma Susie to Uncle Lucas, we’ve got everyone covered. Take a search through our expansive selection of personalized photo frames to see how serious we are! 

Other Personalized Gift Ideas

There are lots of other personalized gifts even the person who has everything will love! Here are some of our favorite classic personalized gifts.

Personalized Ornaments: Personalized ornaments are perfect gifts to give the person who has everything. They probably switch out their Christmas decor every year! Why not add a sweet personalized ornament to their next round of decor? It’ll give their Christmas tree a personal touch. We have an amazing selection of glass, wood and acrylic ornaments–some of them you can even print photos on! 

Personalized Face Masks: Turn their face masks into a fashion statement with our personalized face mask selection! You can give them a set for each day of the week. With so many different patterns, colors and personalization fonts, you can get everyone in the family their own unique set. Go bold with a leopard look or stay subtle with a simple dark green. You can also add their full name or just their initials. personalized face masks

Personalized Door Mats: Perfect for everyone, a personalized door mat is a great gift to give. Find one that goes with a holiday season (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter are our favorites!) or a simple one that matches any decor style or time of year. Include their last name or initials to make it even more personal. Looking for something for their furry friend? We have bone-shaped dog mats that are perfect to go under food and water bowls to help avoid a mess.

Personalized Bottle Opener: Sometimes, you just need a personalized leather bottle opener. It makes you feel fancy, right? Give your friend a personalized bottle opener to make them feel special–and like they own an awesome biker bar! It’s a unique gift that no one has probably thought to give them before. 

A Bamboo Carving Board: Carving boards don’t have to be used for grilled meat. They can use it for charcuterie, condiments or even just to place against their kitchen backsplash! We have a variety of bamboo carving boards with unique phrases, designs and personalization options. If you’re going for an extra-special item, we even have a few that you can customize your personalization on!

An Address Sign: Some parts of the home are overlooked, and address signs are definitely one of them. While most people would jump at the opportunity to give someone a fresh wall decor sign, why not give them an address sign instead? Whether they hang it right next to their front door or stick it in their yard near the driveway, our address signs are perfect to spruce up the curb appeal of anyone’s home–and a great gift to give the person who seems to have everything already!

A Personalized Bathrobe: Soft and cozy, a bathrobe is a great gift to give. Even if they already have one, there’s just something about having a personalized item. It makes it feel like it was made just for you! They will love getting to relax in one of our cozy personalized bathrobes. Get them a pair of matching embroidered spa slippers to match! The complete set will be perfect for them to enjoy a self-care day or a relaxing snooze post-bath. personalized bathrobes

A Personalized Apron: While aprons are made to keep your clothes from getting messy, they tend to get a little messy, too! Give them one of our personalized aprons to wear while they throw their other ones in the wash. Who knows, it might just become their new favorite apron to wear! We have some funny phrases that everyone is sure to love (and, yes, they’re wine-related!). 

Personalized Grilling Gifts: Sometimes they’re better suited out at the grill instead of inside at the stove. If that’s the case for any of your friends or family, why not get them a personalized grilling gift, perfect for any aspiring grill masters–or anyone who’s already achieved that status.

When you’re shopping for gifts, it can be difficult to find something for everyone–and for anyone who seems like they already have it all. If you’re still coming up short, a card with a thoughtful message and a gift card is perfect. Then, they can go find something they don’t have and thank you for the means to do so! If you’re up for the challenge, it’s always a safe bet to go with something personalized. 

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