Top 10 Reusable Custom Treat Bags

Send your kids out in style this Halloween with a custom treat bag!

With Halloween right around the corner, there are a number of ways to get in the Fall mood and prepare for the spookiest night of the year. Outdoor activities like trips to the pumpkin patch and Friday nights spent watching football make autumn a great time to relax with family and friends. While these are great ideas to get out and about, many children have just one thing on their mind all through October: CANDY. More specifically, the candy that they hope to collect on Halloween night as they go door-to-door dressed in their best and spookiest costumes. Now, they’re going to need some way to carry all of that candy, how about a custom treat bag!

Rather than sending your child off with an old pillowcase or a flimsy plastic bag to carry their treats, why not get them a personalized treat bag that will make candy carrying easier for years to come. Here at GiftsForYouNow we have a wide variety of trick or treat bags to choose from, and here in this list we’ve compiled 10 of our customers’ favorites.

  1. This Personalized Halloween Ghost Trick or Treat Bag is sure to be a hit for boys AND girls! Available on premium black canvas, these machine washable tote bags with adorable ghost graphics can be brought back out year after year for all your candy transportation needs.



Perfect for carrying all of your Halloween “boo-ty”


  1. This Personalized Smiling Pumpkin Tote Bag offers a classic look that can be personalized for the little ghouls and goblins in your life. This treat bag is made of a cotton/poly blend that is guaranteed to hold up even under the weight of candy and treats.
smiling pumpkin

Your very own personalized party pumpkin

  1. Need an accessory to make your cute little trick or treater even cuter? Grab one of our Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bags made of durable felt fabric for them to carry around. And, as with every other item on our site, personalizing this pumpkin bag is super easy and totally free!
pumpkin bag

Feed the pumpkin!


  1. During the daytime it just looks like your average treat bag but, once the sun sets, the real fun begins. Your kids are sure to love our Glow In The Dark Jack O’ Lantern Treat Bag! This silly tote will make any kid easy to spot as they’re hunting for candy on Halloween night.
glow in dark

Our customers give it a glowing review

  1. Our adorable Dracula Trick or Treat Bag is the perfect way for the little vampire in your life to carry their sweets and treats. With a spot above Dracula’s face for a personalized name, your child will never forget which treats are theirs.

“I want to hold your candy”

  1. Whether it is on Halloween night or a trip to the pumpkin patch, this Personalized Pretty Little Pumpkin Tote Bag is a great gift for your precious little girl. With such a versatile autumn look, this spacious tote can do so much more than just hold candy.
pretty little pumpkin

Help your little girl SPARKLE

  1. Our Personalized Witch Better Have My Candy Tote is sure to turn some heads on the trick or treat circuit this Halloween. Made with 100% cotton and equipped with reinforced straps, this treat bag is ready to carry any sized load of candy.

    One size fits all witches: Good and Wicked

  1. Looking for a high quality treat bag that can withstand all of the twists and turns of a trip around the block? Look no further than our Personalized Jack O’ Lantern Halloween Tote!  This traditional looking polyester bag matches great with any costume and with custom embroidery, your child will absolutely love it.
pumpkin tote

Treat your little pumpkin with a little pumpkin

  1. While some may say that black cats are bad luck, this Black Cat Personalized Trick or Treat Bag is just too cute to pass up. Backed up by a festive chevron design, this custom tote bag will look adorable on the arm of your little girl.
black cat

No one said anything about black KITTENS being unlucky

  1. And last, but certainly not least, this custom tote bag turns up the spookiness but manages to stay fun. This Personalized Glow In The Dark Halloween Bag has various pairs of kooky glowing eyes that are sure to pierce through the dark night.
glow eyes

Remind your little one to always keep an eye out

Halloween will be here before you know it so make sure to visit to find the personalized treat bags to make this Halloween a memorable one!

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