The Top 10 Timeless Halloween Costumes for Children

You wore them, your child wore them, your grandchildren will wear them. These are the Halloween costumes that will never get old!top 10 children's costumes

While playing dress up is a common occurrence for those with young children, there comes a day once per year where everyone – young and old – is encouraged to take on a new identity. Halloween gives kids the chance to dress up in silly costumes, walk around the neighborhood with their friends, and receive free candy simply by knocking on a front door and saying “Trick or Treat”. Oh yes, Halloween is a day full of fun that kids and adults alike look forward to all year.

Amidst all this fun lies one of the most important questions a child will encounter all year: what are you going to be for Halloween? It is easy to be overwhelmed by the new crop of pop-culture inspired costumes based on movie characters and cartoons that comes along every year. While each year has its fads and trends, there will always be the costumes that remain constant. Here are the top 10 timeless Halloween costumes for children (in no particular order):

  1. Ghost

"I got chocolate! I got a lollipop! ...I got a rock"

“I got chocolate! I got a lollipop! …I got a rock”

Possibly the easiest costume to make at home. Grab some scissors. Grab a white sheet you’re willing to cut up. Voilà, you’ve got your very own homemade ghost costume!

  1. Witch

Custom Witch Halloween Costume for Children

Double, double toil and trouble!

Help your little girl practice her witch’s laugh and conjure up some spooky potions and brews! She will impress everyone as a witch this Halloween. The benefit of a personalized witch’s costume is that she can choose between wicked or good with a couple of minor tweaks.

  1. Police/Fire

Personalized Police Uniform Costume for Halloween

Our motto: To Trick and To Treat

Kids have always been fascinated by members of the police force and fire brigade and it’s not hard to see why. The bravery and sacrifice of these everyday heroes can make a big impact on the lives of children. In turn, they will want to suit up and pretend to save the day.

  1. Zoo Animal

Personalized Zoo Animal Halloween Costume for Baby

We all know each baby has a wild side

Monkey, Elephant, Giraffe, Lion…the possibilities are endless when it comes to dressing your baby up in a zoo animal costume. You can find great animal costumes at most costume shops or make your own at home. By simply adding a few accessories (lion’s mane, face paint, tail, etc.) to some snugly onesies that you already own, you will be ready to go.

  1. Princess

Personalized Princess Costume for Halloween

If she’s the Princess, does that make you the Queen?

What better way to dress up your little princess than a gown and tiara? After her royal highness has experienced a day of candies and sweets, chances are she won’t want to take off this costume any time soon. If your little girl loves to play dress up, chances are you already have most of the pieces needed to create this look, just re-purpose a tutu and a tiara for a look that will dazzle.

  1. Cowboy

Personalized Baby Cowboy Halloween Costume

Howdy Partner!

Transform your neighborhood into the rugged Wild West and watch your son or daughter saunter about. Rather than wrangle up cattle, they’ll be on the lookout for sugary sweets. For a homemade touch, the blue jeans/plaid shirt combination paired with a cowboy hat and bandanna makes for a quick costume that can be re-purposed for everyday use.

  1. Clown

Custom Child Clown Costume for Halloween

For the little jester in your life

From goofy and zany to creepy and scary, the clown costume is one of the most versatile Halloween costumes out there. Children of all ages have been donning the oversized shoes and red nose for years and there is no sign of stopping any time soon. For those looking for more of a challenge, multicolored fabric from any local craft store can be stitched together to make the perfect clown costume with the aid of some face paint.

  1. Insect

Personalized Baby Bumble Bee Costume for Halloween

The most buzzed about baby costume

You cannot go through many family photo albums without finding a picture of a baby dressed as an insect. No matter how many times we see little babies dressed as lady bugs (or bees, spiders) they will always be the absolute cutest. Add on a tutu or headband to make your little one go from cute to downright adorable.

  1. Pirate

Personalized Baby Pirate Costume For Halloween

Ahoy there matey!

Argh! Whether ye be lookin’ for a wee lass or a young jim laddie, th’ scurvy pirate costume is the perfect choice. Watch yer child raid treasure chests full of candied loot and sing jolly ol’ pirate shanties. Homemade pirate costumes can be thrown together by cutting up some old pants and shirts and adding a bandanna.

  1. Skeleton

    Personalized Baby Skeleton Halloween Costume

    The finger bone’s connected to the…caramel bone?

Give everyone a moment of x-ray vision with this classic costume for kids of all ages. A fun way to personalized this costume is to buy some plain black clothing and use some fabric paint to craft a custom skeleton look.


Whether you find them the local costume shop or make them yourself at home, these outfits are bound to be a hit! These are our top 10 costumes, think we missed any? Make sure to comment costume ideas that you think should be on this list. And for all your personalize Halloween decoration and accessory ideas, visit

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